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Toyota records highest-ever monthly sales in February

Toyota records highest-ever monthly sales in February

Toyota’s deliveries to dealers surged by 61% from 15,685 units in February 2023 to 25,220 units last month.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor achieved a record-breaking monthly wholesale figure of 25,220 units in February, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Last month, the company saw a 61% surge in deliveries to dealers, reaching 25,220 units compared to 15,685 units in February 2023. This increase signifies a noteworthy sales boost for the company, which had previously encountered a major setback amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The increase in dispatches can be attributed to the launch of several new models and variants by the company, along with its strong marketing strategy and brand image. The company has been consistently focusing on expanding its product portfolio and offering innovative features to attract more customers.

Toyota records highest-ever monthly sales in February

One of the most successful launches by the company was its latest SUV model, which received an overwhelming response from customers. The SUV segment has seen a surge in demand over the past year as people have shifted towards personal vehicles for safety reasons. This trend has benefitted many automobile companies, including our featured company.

In addition to launching new models, the company also focused on strengthening its after-sales services and customer support. This has helped build a loyal customer base and improve customer satisfaction levels. The company also invested in expanding its dealership network to reach more customers across the country.

Toyota records highest-ever monthly sales in February

Apart from its product portfolio, the company’s marketing strategy has been a key factor in its success. With strategic partnerships, innovative campaigns, and celebrity endorsements, the company has effectively captured the attention of potential customers. Its brand image as a reliable and trustworthy automobile manufacturer has also played a crucial role in attracting new customers.

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The company is committed to sustainability and has taken several steps towards reducing its carbon footprint. It has incorporated eco-friendly materials in its manufacturing process and introduced electric models in its lineup. This not only helps the environment but also appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers

Toyota records highest-ever monthly sales in February

Domestic sales reached 23,300 units, while exports totaled 1,920 units for the month, as stated by the automaker. Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s Vice President Sabari Manohar noted a growing demand and increased customer interest across regions. Particularly, the SUV and MUV models are driving this surge in demand.

“We are observing a growing demand and receiving numerous customer inquiries from various regions. Particularly, the SUV and MUV models are leading the surge in demand,” stated Sabari Manohar, Vice President of Sales, Service, and Used Car Business at Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

“We kick-started the year brimming with optimism and are eager to enhance value, ensuring consistent market performance by meeting customer expectations,” he elaborated.

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