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Toyota Taisor Launched In India, Prices Start From Rs 7.74 Lakh

Toyota Taisor Launched In India, Prices Start From Rs 7.74 Lakh
The Urban Cruiser Toyota Taisor is available in five variants and features exterior design enhancements compared to the Maruti Fronx.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor has been officially launched in India, creating a buzz in the automotive market. This model is essentially Toyota’s rebranded version of the popular Maruti Fronx, signifying Toyota’s strategic re-entry into the competitive sub-4m SUV segment. With a keen focus on customer preferences, Toyota is introducing the Urban Cruiser Taisor in five distinct variants, each catering to varying needs and tastes.

  • Derived from the Maruti Fronx, this product marks the sixth collaboration between Maruti
  • Features a distinctively designed grille, LED lighting at the front and rear, and alloy wheels compared to the Fronx.
  • It shares an identical cabin design with the Fronx, featuring a sophisticated black and maroon interior theme.
  • Comes equipped with identical features, such as the 9-inch touchscreen, 360-degree camera, and a maximum of six airbags.
  • The Urban Cruiser Taisor is priced between Rs 7.74 lakh and Rs 13.04 lakh (introductory ex-showroom pan-India).
  • Toyota offers it with the identical 1.2-litre naturally aspirated and 1-litre turbo-petrol engines found in the Fronx.

Excitingly, eager customers can now secure their booking for this impressive SUV, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor, by paying a nominal fee of Rs 11,000. Anticipation is building as the deliveries for this highly anticipated vehicle are scheduled to begin in May 2024. SUV enthusiasts across the country are in for a thrilling experience with this new addition to the market.

Variant-wise Prices

Variants1.2-litre petrol1-litre turbo-petrolCNG
ERs 7.74 lakh (MT)N.A.Rs 8.72 lakh (MT)
SRs 8.60 lakh (MT)/ Rs 9.13 lakh (AMT)N.A.N.A.
S+Rs 9 lakh (MT)/ Rs 9.53 lakh (AMT)N.A.N.A.
GN.A.Rs 10.56 lakh (MT)/ Rs 11.96 lakh (AT)N.A.
VN.A.Rs 11.48 lakh (MT)/ Rs 12.88 lakh (AT)N.A.

Exterior Features

Toyota Taisor Launched In India
Toyota Taisor Launched In India

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Prices listed are exclusive of showroom costs.

The high-end V variants can be further enhanced with a dual-tone exterior finish option for an additional Rs 16,000, elevating the aesthetic appeal with a premium touch. When it comes to the Taisor, while sharing the body structure of the Fronx, Toyota has meticulously introduced distinctive styling elements to differentiate it from the original vehicle.

Notable modifications encompass a redesigned grille, enhanced bumpers, upgraded LED daytime running lights and taillights, and uniquely crafted 16-inch alloy wheels, culminating in a refined and exclusive look.

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Details of the Powertrain

Toyota is equipping the Taisor with the powertrains used in the Fronx.

Specification1.2-litre N/A Petrol1-litre Turbo-petrol1.2-litre Petrol+CNG
Power90 PS100 PS77.5 PS
Torque113 Nm148 Nm98.5 Nm
Transmission5-speed MT, 5-speed AMT5-speed MT, 6-speed AT5-speed MT

Toyota Taisor New Cabin

The Taisor features a cabin and dashboard layout identical to the Maruti Fronx, distinguished only by the Toyota badging, notably on the steering wheel. It also boasts the same elegant black and maroon cabin theme as its predecessor.

Equipment On Offer

The Taisor is a remarkable vehicle that comes fully loaded with premium features akin to the Fronx model. It stands out with its sophisticated 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, providing easy access to a plethora of entertainment and navigation options. The convenience of automatic AC and wireless phone charging adds to the luxurious feel of the car, making every journey a comfortable one. Moreover, the inclusion of cruise control and a heads-up display enhances the driving experience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride each time.

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