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WhatsApp Down Around 2 pm EST—What Happened And Why?

WhatsApp Down Around 2 pm EST—What Happened And Why?
WhatsApp Down Around 2 pm EST, WhatsApp users began reporting connectivity issues, flooding Down Detector with complaints. Despite functioning WiFi, users pointed to WhatsApp as the source of the problem. Facebook and Instagram users also reported issues viewing and creating posts.

The original story follows:

WhatsApp Down Around 2 pm EST—What Happened And Why?

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is currently facing disruptions for certain users. Numerous reports indicate a widespread outage that commenced around 11.45 pm IST, affecting WhatsApp users worldwide. Users are reporting difficulties in both sending and receiving messages through the application. According to Downdetector, the problem peaked at around 11.46 with about 21,500 reports registered.

After a surge in users encountering outages, WhatsApp’s verified X account, previously known as their Twitter account, posted a tweet around 3 pm: “We understand that some users are currently facing issues. Rest assured, we are diligently working to restore services to full functionality for all as swiftly as we can.”

According to Reuters, Downdetector data reveals that more than 20,000 users in India, approximately 46,000 in the United Kingdom, and over 42,000 in Brazil encountered issues with the platform. In the United States, around 4,800 individuals also experienced problems with Instagram, as reported by Downdetector.

Instagram and Facebook users face issues too..

WhatsApp Down Around 2 pm EST—What Happened And Why?

DownDetector also received numerous reports about other Meta-owned social media services, including Facebook and Instagram. Netblocks, a digital rights organization, tweeted, “Meta platforms, which encompass Instagram and WhatsApp, are currently experiencing international outages. This is particularly impacting image and media uploads. It’s important to note that this incident is not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering.”

Meta responds to global outage.

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook’s parent company, Meta, posted an update on the Meta Status service page regarding an ongoing outage affecting the Cloud API service. The incident commenced at 11:10 AM PST on April 3, 2024. Currently, our dedicated engineering teams are actively investigating the issue to restore normal service operations promptly.

Stay tuned for further updates within the next 4 hours or sooner, as we strive to keep you informed with any additional pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

Following the worldwide outage, netizens took to social media to share their hilarious reactions and corresponding memes on the Elon Musk-owned platform. Amid the chaos, one user humorously commented, “Absolutely Nobody: Meta users Running to Twitter to Confirm whether WhatsApp is down.”

Another user added to the commotion with, “Everyone is running to Twitter X as in an earthquake when #WhatsApp goes down!” The online community’s quick wit and creativity shone through during this unexpected technological hiccup.

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