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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah: Man in mask, cap with timer exploded Bengaluru bomb | Rameshwaram blast updates

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah: Man in mask, cap with timer exploded Bengaluru bomb | Rameshwaram blast updates

Bengaluru explosion: 10 individuals injured in the blast.

In Bengaluru, a joint team comprising the Forensic Science Laboratory, bomb disposal squad, and dog squad investigated the bomb blast that occurred at The Rameshwaram Cafe in Whitefield on Thursday. The explosion resulted in injuries to 10 individuals. The Bengaluru police have filed a First Information Report (FIR) under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), along with sections of the Explosive Substance Act. Karnataka’s Home Minister, G Parmeshwara, mentioned that the suspect arrived via bus route number 26.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah: Man in mask, cap with timer exploded Bengaluru bomb | Rameshwaram blast updates

Check out the latest updates on the Rameshwaram Cafe blast in Bengaluru!

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah: Man in mask, cap with timer exploded Bengaluru bomb | Rameshwaram blast updates
  1. Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, reported that the suspect, donning a mask and cap, boarded a bus, set a timer, and triggered an explosion. “The deputy CM and home minister visited the spot yesterday. I will also go to the hospital and the spot today. I don’t know if this is the work of an organisation or not. A serious investigation is underway. BJP should not play politics in this matter. Mangalore blast and Bengaluru explosion are not related. The blast is still under investigation. Appropriate action will be taken after the report,” he said.
  2. Karnataka’s Home Minister, Dr. G Parameshwara, mentioned on Saturday morning that the suspect seems to have arrived at the café via a public bus. He added that the police are currently examining CCTV footage for any visual evidence.”We have constituted several teams. We have collected some evidence from CCTV footage. When the explosion took place, a BMTC bus moved on that way. We have information that he came on a bus. We will arrest the accused as soon as possible,” he said.
  3. G Parameshwara mentioned that a timer was employed for the explosion.”Our teams are doing great. A timer was used for the blast, and the FSL team is doing the work. We have a meeting at 1 pm. CM Siddaramaiah will lead the meeting with high-level police officials regarding the blast,” he said.
  4. The Karnataka government has assembled 8 teams to investigate the explosion. Deputy CM Shivakumar reported on Friday that an individual left a small bag at the Rameshwaram cafe, which detonated an hour afterward. “It was a low-intensity blast. A youth came and kept a small bag, which exploded after an hour. About 10 people received injuries. 7-8 teams have been formed to probe the incident. We are looking from all angles. I ask every Bangalorean not to worry,” he said.
  5. A security guard, who was present during the explosion, recounted to ANI: “I was stationed outside the cafe when numerous patrons were visiting the hotel. Unexpectedly, a deafening noise resonated, followed by a sudden outbreak of fire, resulting in injuries to the hotel’s occupants.”
  6. DK Shivakumar mentioned that the individual seemed to be in their late twenties to early thirties. The man visited the café for breakfast and specifically requested Rava idli. Strangely, he departed without eating the dish despite settling the bill.
  7. The man had a bag containing an IED set to detonate in one hour. An officer noticed the bag positioned behind a woman seated among six other customers.
  8. “The explosion took place at 1 pm at Rameshwaram Cafe. A young man, aged approximately 28-30, visited the cafe, bought Rava Idli, set the bag by a tree near the cafe, and departed. An hour later, the explosion happened,” relayed Shivakumar.
  9. An NIA team inspected the explosion site last Friday, following Union Minister Pralhad Joshi’s call for an NIA probe into the incident.”We strongly condemn this blast, the NIA should investigate this, and the state government should recommend this. The people who are radicalized are encouraged and supported by the Congress, which is why these incidents are happening,” he said.
  10. Joshi linked the explosion to radicalization in the state governed by the Congress. He further referenced purported pro-Pakistan slogans heard within the Karnataka assembly.”If the Congress government in the state had taken the Vidhana Soudha pro-Pakistan sloganeering incident seriously then this incident might not have taken place. The way the state government reacted to that incident in the Vidhana Soudha was ‘silly,’ and a very ‘casual reaction’ was given to the whole incident. When there is more appeasement politics, then there is an increase in radicalization, which then converts into terrorism,” he said.
  11. On Saturday, the Bengaluru police commissioner mentioned that the police are actively following up on multiple leads. “As regards the Rameshwaram cafe incident, the investigation is in full swing. Several teams are working on different leads obtained so far. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the case and the security concerns, the media is appealed not to indulge in speculation and cooperate,” he wrote on X.

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