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Wishing Bobby a joyful 55th birthday! His older brother Sunny is sharing lovely photos to celebrate his ‘little champ’

bobby 55th birthday

Happy 55th, Bobby!

Big bro Sunny celebrates his ‘little champ’ with heartwarming snaps.

Wishing Bobby a joyful 55th birthday! His older brother Sunny is sharing lovely photos to celebrate his ‘little champ’.

It’s Bobby Deol’s 55th birthday today. His big brother, Sunny Deol, who is also an actor, posted some nice photos of them on Instagram to wish him. There’s also a photo where they’re with their dad, Dharmendra, who is a famous actor too. You can also see a post where he wished his wife Tanya a happy birthday with a sweet picture.

Sunny Deol has posted some pictures on Instagram to wish his younger brother a happy birthday. In his message, Sunny said, “Happy Birthday to my little brother. #HappyBirthday #MyLife #Brothers #Deols.” The first photo he shared shows Sunny and Bobby hugging each other tightly. This is followed by a snapshot from when they were on the TV show ‘Koffee With Karan’ season 8 and other photos of them together.

bobby 55th Birthday

He received lots of birthday messages from his fans after Sunny posted the photos. Rahul Dev sent him lots of love, while Gurpreet Kaur Chadha called him an amazing soul. Some fans even called him “Lord Bobby,” and one said they loved his family the most.

bobby 55th Birthday

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Recently, his film ‘Animal’ did well at the box office. He played a tough character named Abrar Haque, and though he wasn’t on screen much, people really liked his performance. The movie, starring Ranbir Kapoor, was criticized by some for being too harsh on women and for violence.

Sunny shared that he was proud of his work in the film, even though there were parts he didn’t agree with. He told a news agency, “I’m so pleased for my brother. I watched ‘Animal’ and it’s good overall, even if there are some bits I didn’t like, which happens to me with most films, including my own. But the music is great, and it fits well with the movie. He is always incredible in his roles.

bobby 55th Birthday

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