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The upcoming fourth-gen Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand’s lineup.

The upcoming fourth-gen Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

Launched last year as the electric Cooper E and Cooper SE, the Mini Cooper petrol enters its fourth and final stage as the brand enters a new all-electric era.

In the dynamic realm of automotive design and technology, Mini stands out as an iconic brand. The introduction of the 2024 Mini Cooper marks the fourth generation of this cherished vehicle, where Mini masterfully intertwines tradition with modernity. Honoring its rich history while embracing the future of mobility, Mini exemplifies a seamless blend of heritage and innovation.

Within the vibrant domain of automotive design and technology, Mini shines as an iconic brand. The debut of the 2024 Mini Cooper signifies the fourth iteration of this beloved vehicle, showcasing Mini’s adept fusion of tradition and modernity. By paying homage to its storied past while embracing the future of mobility, Mini epitomizes a harmonious synthesis of heritage and innovation.

The design ethos of the 2024 Mini Cooper embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Maintaining the iconic silhouette synonymous with the Mini Cooper legacy, the fourth-generation model undergoes a significant restyling, resulting in a more sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

Design: At the core of the design stands the octagonal front grille, embellished with delicate ‘filigree contours,’ which encases the BMW Group’s tiniest radar sensor. This sensor, alongside 12 ultrasonic counterparts, serves as the foundation for the vehicle’s sophisticated driver assistance systems (ADAS), effortlessly blending safety with style.

Design: The iconic round LED headlamps, a signature of Mini design, get a modern refresh with three lighting options and welcoming animations, bringing sophistication to the vehicle’s front. The 2024 Mini Cooper’s rear is equally eye-catching, showcasing new matrix LED taillamps with sequential indicators and the timeless Union Jack motif, a tribute to the brand’s British roots.

Interior: Enter the cabin of the 2024 Mini Cooper, and you’ll encounter an interior that radiates refined simplicity. At the heart of the cockpit lies a groundbreaking 9.4-inch round OLED touchscreen – a pioneering feature in automotive history. This innovative display showcases crucial details like road speed and fuel efficiency on top, while hosting a user-friendly menu bar at the bottom, seamlessly blending with the vehicle’s controls.

Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

The conventional instrument cluster is gone, replaced by a sleek, minimalist design that conveniently places all essential information within easy reach of the driver. Housed neatly beneath the central screen in a toggle bar unit are the gear selector, parking brake, start/stop key, experience mode toggle, and volume control. This setup creates a clean, uncluttered environment that elevates the overall driving experience.

Noteworthy features comprise a wireless charging tray instead of the gear lever, a panoramic glass roof illuminating the cabin with natural light, and a flexible 60:40 split rear seat that increases the standard 210-litre boot to an impressive 725 litres. This ensures abundant space for all your adventures.

Performance: Beneath the sleek exterior, the 2024 Mini Cooper excels with two petrol engines that strike the perfect balance between power and precision. The Cooper C version is equipped with a dynamic three-cylinder engine, churning out 154 bhp and 230 Nm of torque, propelling the car to 0-100km/h in a mere 7.7 seconds. On the other hand, the Cooper S model flaunts a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering 201 bhp and 300 Nm of torque for a thrilling 0-100km/h sprint in just 6.6 seconds.

Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

Both models feature automatic transmission for seamless performance in all driving conditions. Mini has fine-tuned the suspension and steering of the Cooper and Cooper S models to match their distinct weight distribution characteristics, resulting in a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience.

Features: The 2024 Mini Cooper transcends being merely a car; it embodies a lifestyle. Mini has redefined the driving experience with a range of state-of-the-art features and technology. An optional experience mode toggle empowers drivers to customize their driving ambience, casting illuminated graphics on the dashboard and adjusting ambient lighting and sound to match their mood.

Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

Safety is a top priority in the 2024 Mini Cooper, boasting advanced features like the safe exit warning system that notifies occupants of approaching vehicles before they open the doors. Additionally, the optional Mini Navigation package offers 3D visualization and augmented reality views of the car’s surroundings, elevating driver awareness and confidence while on the road.

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Price and availability: This marks the ultimate combustion engine Mini Cooper to roam the streets worldwide, marking the brand’s shift towards an all-electric era. The vehicle will come in all its diverse forms – three-door and five-door editions, along with the soft-top convertible and performance-focused John Cooper Works models.

Mini Cooper petrol model signals the end of ICE vehicles in the brand's lineup.

Price and Availability: Although specific details on prices and release dates have not been disclosed yet, BMW has officially announced the introduction of 19 new models for the Indian market, with the Mini potentially being among them. Given that the existing Mini ICE three-door range begins at Rs 35.10 lakh ex-showroom, the forthcoming 2024 Mini Cooper is poised to offer exceptional value to discerning drivers who seek nothing short of excellence.

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