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Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election: TDP and JanaSena announce their first joint list of 118 seats — Is there room left for BJP?

TDP and JanaSena announce their first joint list of 118 seats

Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections 2024: The first list includes 118 candidates, with 94 from the TDP and 24 from the JanaSena contesting in the upcoming elections.

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the JanaSena Party (JSP) released the first list of 118 seats on Saturday for the upcoming Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh. Out of these 118 candidates in the initial list, 94 are from the TDP, and the Jana Sena will be contesting in 24 seats.

Kalyan, noting that the TDP-JanaSena alliance “has the blessings of the BJP,” announced the names of five JanaSena candidates and assured that the remaining 19 names would be disclosed in the next few days. The TDP’s list included 99 candidates out of 118.

Twenty-three out of 94 candidates on the TDP’s list are newcomers, as confirmed by TDP supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu. Among them, 23 are first-timers, three are doctors, one is a retired IAS officer, 25 hold post-graduate degrees, 51 are graduates, and three have doctorates.

Naidu and JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan, however, stated that the seat allocation has been done with the consideration of accommodating the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in case the saffron party decides to join the alliance.

TDP and JanaSena announce their first joint list of 118 seats

“On this auspicious occasion, both TDP and JanaSena are prepared to participate in the polls. I hope this news brings good tidings to everyone in the state. This alliance is aimed at securing the future of the state. It marks the initial step towards a significant endeavor,” Naidu stated during a press conference at his residence in Undavalli, Andhra Pradesh, as reported by PTI.

Kalyan explained that JanaSena’s decision to contest only 24 seats was based on the rationale of prioritizing quality over quantity, rather than taking the risk of fielding a larger number of candidates.

“We have to put the state on the right track first, keeping the future of the state ahead of individual and party prospects,” said the actor-politician.

Including the three Lok Sabha seats allocated for JanaSena in the alliance, he noted that it is as good as the party contesting some 40 Assembly seats.

TDP and JanaSena announce their first joint list of 118 seats

Meanwhile, Naidu emphasized that if the BJP also joins their alliance, then those issues will be discussed at the appropriate time to make the right decisions.

“This alliance is for the future of the state, not for any two individuals or two parties. Both parties took the decision to work together for the welfare of five crore people. This is a historic day for the state,” said Naidu.

For his ninth election, Naidu highlighted that he had done the most intense exercise of zeroing in on the candidates, unlike previously, even during the times of united Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu said that after gathering opinions from 11 million people from various sources, the 94 TDP candidates have been carefully selected through a thorough analysis and filtering process.

He asserted that the selected candidates are people who are in touch with the masses, desired by people, approved by the people and who can ‘resiliently’ face the polls and opponents.

Naidu called on the JanaSena and TDP leaders to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit wherever both parties are contesting.

“Naidu was quoted as saying, ‘Wherever JanaSena is contesting, the TDP should cooperate, and wherever TDP is contesting, the JanaSena should cooperate. Both should work with an understanding to create belief in people, and victory will be easy. Nobody can stop us.'”

TDP and JanaSena announce their first joint list of 118 seats

Seat-sharing arrangements for the remaining 57 of the 175 Assembly constituencies are expected to be announced soon.

As part of the alliance, JanaSena will contest three Lok Sabha seats of the total 25 from the state. TDP sources said currently discussions were underway with the BJP for a possible pre-poll alliance.

Meanwhile, talking to reporters, Andhra Pradesh BJP chief D Purandeswari said alliances in the southern state would be decided by the party high command and as of now the state unit is gearing up its activities in all the constituencies.

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