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Tata Auto Stock Almost Hit New 52-Week But Shied By Re 1; Unveils Ultra Smart Trucks; BUY For Rs 1,060 TP


Tata Motors, the largest automobile player in the Tata Group

It has experienced significant growth during Friday’s trading session. The stock price came close to reaching a new 52-week high but was held back by a minimal decrease of at least Re 1. With strong momentum, Tata Motors emerged as one of the top gainers on both BSE and NSE, with a single-day rise of over 3%. Prominent brokerages such as KR Choksey and ICICI Direct have set target prices of Rs 1, 000 to Rs 1, 060, indicating further upside potential for Tata Motors.

After the market closed, It’s share price ended at Rs 938. 75 per share, representing a 2. 02% increase on the BSE. The company’s market capitalization stands at Rs 3, 11, 970. 25 crore.


In the trading hours, Tat Motors hit an intraday high of Rs 948.50 apiece, which was just Rs 1.1 about Tata Motors as it has shown remarkable growth since its 52-week low of Rs 400. 40 per share, with an upside potential of 134. 5%. This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for those looking for substantial returns.

Tata Motors is currently competing fiercely to become India’s top automobile company in terms of market share, a title currently held by Maruti Suzuki. As of February 16, 2024, Maruti Suzuki boasts a market capitalization value of Rs 3, 57, 401. 84 crore. To solidify its position in the industry and expand further into new markets, Tata Motors has been actively launching new products and expanding its footprint in the automobile sector.

In partnership with its authorized distributor Tata Africa Holdings Limited, Tata Motors recently announced the commercial launch of its successful range of multipurpose heavy-duty trucks – Ultra T9 and Ultra T14 – in South Africa. This move not only strengthens their presence in South Africa but also demonstrates their commitment to providing innovative solutions for customers across different markets.

Overall, with its impressive performance on the stock exchange and strategic expansion plans both domestically and globally, Tata Motors is proving itself as a top contender within the automotive industryexcitedbeaway from its current 52-week high of Rs 949.60 apiece. Tata Motors is a multi-bagger with upside of 134.5% from its 52-week low of Rs 400.40 apiece. Tata Motors is currently racing to become India’s top automobile company in terms of market share, a title that is currently being held by Maruti Suzuki with m-cap of Rs 3,57,401.84 crore as of February 16, 2024.


This Tata Group-backed company has been continuously expanding its footprint in the automobile sector with new launches. In the latest development, the company along with its authorised distributor, Tata Africa Holdings Limited, announced the commercial launch of its successful range of multipurpose heavy-duty trucks – Ultra T.9 and Ultra T.14, in South Africa.

Tata Motors, a leading automobile company backed by the Tata Group, has been making impressive strides in the market. Recently, it reached an intraday high of Rs 948. 50 per share during trading hours, coming very close to its 52-week high of Rs 949. 60 per share. This showcases the strong performance

Designed to meet the increasing demand for safer, smarter, and greener cargo mobility, the Ultra is an ideal choice for a wide range of conventional and specialized logistics applications. These include bakery, FMCG, white goods, agriculture, and construction. The Ultra range is engineered to provide exceptional productivity, boasting best-in-class power, torque, and fuel efficiency. This translates to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), as stated.

Powered by Tata Motors‘ globally proven turbocharged diesel engines with best-in-class power and torque output, the Ultra T.9 (powered with a 3.3L engine) and Ultra T.14 (powered with a 5.0L engine) provide a reliable solution to comfortably carry heavy loads over long distances and rough terrains. The trucks come equipped with parabolic suspension for rugged and uninterrupted operations.


The trucks are offered with Tata Motors’ flagship connected vehicle system, the Fleet Edge, for efficient fleet management that helps further increase fleet productivity. Brokerages recommend buying at Tata Motors’ share price. KR Choksey at the latest has kept a target price of Rs 1,060 on Tata Motors, signalling a potential 12.9% upside ahead. Meanwhile, ICICI Direct has recommended holding Tata Motors’ share price for a target price of Rs 1,000 apiece. With levers in place, ICICI Direct said, “We expect EBITDA margins to further improve to 16.5% by FY26E.

Amidst record profitability, for FY24E, JLR is progressing well onto its FCF generation guidance at >£2 billion amid capex outlay of ~£3 billion thereby aiming to reduce its net debt from ~£3 billion to Further, ICICI Direct’s note added, “Company’s focus in the interim is to further improve upon the profitability in this space amidst its proven capabilities across powertrains (ICE, CNG, Electric, Hydrogen, etc.) and guidance for double-digit EBITDA margins.

On the EV side, it plans to build upon its leadership position in the E-PV space with a target to sell ~1 lakh E-PVs in FY25 and is also a prominent player winning orders in CESL E-bus tenders Part of the $128 billion Tata group, Tata Motors, a $42 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, pick-ups, trucks, and buses, offering an extensive range of integrated, smart, and e-mobility solutions. With ‘Connecting Aspirations’ at the core of its brand promise, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and ranks among the top three in the passenger vehicles market.

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