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Tamil Nadu Budget 2024 allocates an additional Rs 2 crore to guarantee tuition-free higher education for transgender individuals.


A member of the TN Transgender Welfare Board emphasized the importance of the government generating employment opportunities for educated transgender individuals with fair wages.

In a significant move to address the challenges faced by trans individuals in pursuing higher education, the state government of Tamil Nadu has taken a proactive step. They have allocated an additional Rs 2 crore to bolster the efforts of the Tamil Nadu Transperson Welfare Board, aiming to enhance support systems and opportunities for the transgender community in the realm of education.

During the budget presentation, Minister Thangam Thenarasu highlighted concern regarding the underrepresentation of transgender individuals in higher education despite the introduction of innovative schemes. To address this issue and support their educational pursuits, including tuition and hostel expenses, an additional allocation of Rs 2 crore has been designated to the trans welfare board. This is a significant step towards inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all individuals to access education.

The transperson community has long faced discrimination and marginalization in various aspects of society, including education. Despite the admirable efforts made by the government to promote inclusivity and diversity, there is still a lack of representation and support for this marginalized group in higher education.


With the new allocation of funds, it is hoped that more transpersons individuals will be able to pursue their academic aspirations without financial constraints. This not only benefits them individually but also contributes to the overall development of our society by bringing in diverse perspectives and talents into the higher education sector.

However, allocating funds is just one aspect of promoting inclusivity in higher education. It is also crucial for educational institutions to create a safe and welcoming environment for trans students. This includes implementing gender-neutral facilities, training staff on LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and having policies in place to address any discrimination or harassment.


Addressing reporters at the secretariat, Finance Secretary T Udhayachandran said after reports surfaced highlighting the high dropout rates among transperson students, discussions were initiated with CM MK Stalin. Subsequently, the government decided to wholeheartedly support transpersons pursuing higher education.

Lauding the decision, Tamil Nadu Transperson Welfare Board member M Radha told, “This is a commendable step in the right direction. It has the potential to improve the socio-economic status of transpersons and enhance their employability. However, it is also crucial that the government create job opportunities for educated transpersons with reasonable salaries.”


Managing Director Priyababu of the Transperson Resource Centre highlighted the challenges faced by the transgender community due to the lack of family and societal support. This lack of support often leads members of the community to abandon their studies prematurely and take on the responsibility of self-sustainability at a young age.

Priyababu noted that the Transperson Welfare Board was established in 2008 under the DMK government, showcasing initial efforts to address the community’s needs. During the same regime, a census was conducted to gather crucial data on the transperson population. Priyababu also mentioned the current government’s initiative to offer transpersons a Rs 50,000 loan with a subsidy for self-employment, emphasizing the steps taken towards providing economic opportunities. These measures collectively contribute to improving the quality of life and fostering dignity within the transgender community.

Mullai, a transperson preparing for the TNPSC examination, said she completed her BSc in Physics. “The government’s decision to bear our education and hostel fees will go a long way to ensure our community’s progress. We should also be provided 5% reservation in higher education and employment opportunities,” she urged.

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