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Manohar Joshi, the ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra, passes away at the age of 86.


Former Lok Sabha Speaker, Manohar Joshi, passed away at a Mumbai hospital following a cardiac arrest. He was 86 years old and had been admitted to the ICU on Wednesday.

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Manohar Joshi passed away today, Friday, February 23, at the age of 86. He was the former Lok Sabha Speaker and was admitted to PD Hinduja Hospital following a cardiac arrest on February 21. According to family sources as reported by PTI, he breathed his last at the private medical facility. Last May, the revered Shiv Sena leader was hospitalized at Hinduja Hospital after a brain haemorrhage.

According to family sources as reported by ANI, the funeral is scheduled to take place later today at the Dadar Shivaji Park Crematorium, where the deceased will be accorded full state honors.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, his son Unmesh mentioned, “He was in the ICU under observation due to cardiac issues that arose on Wednesday. He was battling long-standing age-related health concerns. The final rites will be held at Shivaji Park crematorium, preceded by bringing his mortal remains to our residence in Matunga.”

Manohar Joshi

The hospital previously released a statement about Joshi’s ICU admission. “Mr. Manohar Joshi, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was hospitalized at P.D. Hinduja Hospital on February 21, 2024, due to a cardiac episode. His condition is critical, and he is currently in the ICU under close monitoring, receiving top-notch medical attention and care.”

The political journey of Manohar Joshi

Joshi served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra from 1995 to 1999 and as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha from 2002 to 2004. He held the position of Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises from 1999 to 2002, and was a Member of the Rajya Sabha from 2006 to 2012.

Honoring the Legacy of Manohar Joshi

Manohar Joshi

Political figures expressed their condolences for the late Manohar Joshi, former Lok Sabha speaker and ex-chief minister of Maharashtra.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis praised Joshi’s profound contributions to society, politics, and education. Fadnavis highlighted Joshi’s journey from a corporator and mayor of Mumbai to holding positions in the Legislative Council, Assembly, Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha, culminating in his role as chief minister and member of Parliament. Describing Joshi as a principled individual in both personal and public realms, Fadnavis emphasized his disciplined approach.

Deputy CM Ajit Pawar expressed his condolences on the passing of the late leader, Manohar Joshi, emphasizing his advocacy for the rights of the Marathi people. Pawar mourned the loss of a principled and esteemed figure, acknowledging Joshi’s significant contributions to politics, society, and education in Maharashtra. “I pay my respects to the memory of Joshi sir,” Pawar solemnly stated.

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Open Tweet

Former Union minister and NCP founder, Sharad Pawar, fondly remembers Manohar Joshi as a principled leader renowned in political circles for his unwavering commitment to achieving tangible results. Pawar expressed profound sadness at the passing of Joshi, highlighting his reputation for transparency and a proactive work ethic. Joshi, a close confidant of Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray, was recognized for promoting harmony and making dedicated strides towards Maharashtra’s development during his tenure as Chief Minister. Serving as the Lok Sabha Speaker, Joshi played a crucial role in installing an equestrian statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji in the Parliament complex. My deepest sympathies are with the Joshi family during this challenging period.

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