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Rashmika Mandanna films at Yaganti Temple in AP for Pushpa 2, famed for its enigmatic Growing Nandi.

Rashmika Mandanna films at Yaganti Temple in AP for Pushpa 2, famed for its enigmatic Growing Nandi

Rashmika Mandanna unveiled a shooting location at Yaganti Temple from the set of Pushpa 2..

Yaganti Temple in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The world waits with bated breath for the release of Pushpa 2: The Rule, the sequel to the Allu Arjun, Fahad Faasil, and Rashmika Mandanna starrer Pushpa. And we’ve got not flowers, but fire news for you about the film.

Actress Rashmika in her Instagram story has revealed one of the shooting locations for Pushpa 2 and that is the 1000-year-old Temple in Andhra Pradesh. A cave temple shrouded in mystery for housing a growing Nandi statue is also mysteriously bereft of crows. And there’s a legend behind it.

Rashmika is currently shooting Pushpa 2 at the scenic Yaganti Temple in Andhra Pradesh.

Rashmika Mandanna films at Yaganti Temple in AP for Pushpa 2.

Rashmika posted on her Instagram story a photo of the Yaganti Temple in Andhra. The image captures a close-up of the cave glowing with diyas. In her caption, she mentioned wrapping up her day. Expressing awe at the history of the location, Rashmika praised the site and the warm reception from the locals. Describing her time at the Temple as truly enchanting.

The 5th century Yaganti temple also known as Uma Maheshwara Temple nestled in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, is a revered place of worship by Lord Shiva devotees. This temple houses the idol of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati fused together. Adjacent to the main Yaganti Temple there are many small cave temples that are illuminated by numerous diyas as these caves hardly receive any natural lighting.

A Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Enveloped in Mysteries and Legends.

Yaganti temple

One can never find crows within the premises of Yaganti. This is because when Sage Agastya meditated, he was disturbed by Kakasura, the king of crowds. Enraged, he cursed and banished crows from entering the premises. As the crow is considered to be the vahan or vehicle of Lord Shani, even he cannot enter this temple.

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The Yaganti temple boasts another enchanting feature – the miraculous growing Nandi. Within the temple stands a colossal Nandi statue that has gradually expanded over time. Validated by the Archaeological Survey of India due to the rock’s enlarging nature, worshippers revere this phenomenon as a divine marvel. Legend has it that the Nandi statue grows an inch every twenty years. Many believe that by offering prayers and circumambulating around this statue, their deepest desires may be fulfilled.

The majestic Nandi statue at temple captivates all who lay eyes on it. This enigmatic phenomenon has puzzled many and continues to attract visitors worldwide. The temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, gains greater religious significance with the presence of this ever-expanding Nandi. Legend has it that during Sage Agastya’s meditation at this site, he beseeched Lord Shiva for a companion. In response, Lord Shiva manifested his faithful bull, Nandi, in the form of a rock. As time passed, this rock grew and transformed into the awe-inspiring statue that stands before us today.

An intriguing feature of this phenomenon is the Nandi statue’s non-constant growth rate. It increases by an inch every twenty years, translating to almost 600 years for a single foot gain. This consistency has been verified through numerous measurements conducted over time.

Numerous devotees hold the belief that by offering prayers and circling the statue, their wishes will be granted. The temple is a site where many individuals seek blessings for good health and fertility from Nandi, revered as the lord of procreation. Beyond its religious importance, the Yaganti temple, along with its expanding Nandi statue, serves as a favored spot for tourists. The exquisite architecture, detailed carvings, and tranquil ambiance all contribute to its allure.

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