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Ranveer Singh’s ad with Johnny Sins gets hilarious reactions on X: ‘India is not for beginners’

Ranveer Singh’s ad with Johnny Sins gets hilarious reactions on X: ‘India is not for beginners’

On Monday, Ranveer Singh released a new commercial starring adult film actor Johnny Sins and here’s what people online had to say about it.

Even as the world was busy soaking in all the commercials and trailers released during the Super Bowl, Ranveer Singh had a surprise in store for fans. He dropped a commercial about sexual health for a men’s brand on Monday and the ad featured none other than, adult star Johnny Sins. Ever since the ad dropped, people had some feelings. Here’s how they reacted on X.

Johnny Sins

While everyone was watching the ads and previews during the Super Bowl, Ranveer Singh had something unexpected for his fans. On Monday, he unveiled an ad that talks about sexual health for a men’s product, and it starred the famous adult movie actor Johnny Sins. People had a lot to say once the ad was released. Here are some of their reactions to X.

In the ad, Ranveer Singh discusses the importance of sexual health for men and how it can impact their overall well-being. He then introduces Johnny Sins as a guest speaker, highlighting his experience and expertise in the adult film industry.

The ad received mixed reactions from the public. Some praised Ranveer Singh for breaking stereotypes and promoting an important cause, while others criticized the use of an adult movie actor in the ad. Some even questioned the credibility and sincerity of the message, stating that it was just a marketing gimmick.

However, this isn’t the first time a celebrity has collaborated with a brand to promote sexual health. In fact, many public figures have openly discussed topics related to sexual health and encouraged others to do the same.

Wild and surprising

Fans expressed their surprise on X at seeing such an unusual pairing. One fan commented, “Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine this team-up. #RanveerSingh #JohnnySins.” Another fan humorously dismissed the buzz around Deadpool and Wolverine, suggesting this ad was the ‘ultimate’ team-up: “Forget the others, Johnny Sins meeting Ranveer Singh is the real deal.”

India is not for beginners

Referencing the lead character from the TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya, one X user wrote, “India got its new Ahemji #JohnnySins #RanveerSingh.” Another hilariously pointed out that it was bold to use an adult star in a commercial, “India is not for beginners. JOHNNY in an Indian commercial ad with RANVEER SINGH. #JohnnySins.”

The common theme is found in Indian television shows.

People were impressed when they saw Ranveer and Johnny together in a commercial. They liked how the ad made fun of cheesy TV shows to make its point. A customer commented, “Hahahahahaha… what a smart way to include a celebrity in a commercial. They used Ranveer Singh (and Johnny Sins – look him up!) funnily and surprisingly, making fun of Indian TV dramas. It also helps more people feel okay talking about the product instead of whispering about it. Kudos to Moonshot, the ad agency. #advertising #marketing #creative #creativity.”

Breaking stigma

One X user pointed out that in a country where talking about safe sex and sex education is stigmatised, it’s good that Ranveer acted in a commercial like this one, writing, “These guys going crazy over Ranveer Singh doing that ad calm down bhai log vaise bhi s*x education is not properly provided in this country. Don’t make it a stigma someone might just need that. This stigma continues from your school to adulthood but we all need to accept.”

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