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Before the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi confidently declared, ‘Mere Bharat, Mera Parivar’

Before the Lok Sabha polls announcement, PM Modi confidently declared, 'Mere Bharat, Mera Parivar'

PM Modi noted their nearly decade-long partnership, emphasizing the inspiration drawn from the trust and support of India’s 1.4 billion people. On March 16, a campaign video titled “Mere Bharat, Mera Parivar” was released ahead of the Lok Sabha election announcement.

The musical video showcases individuals reaping the benefits of a diverse array of welfare schemes. These initiatives encompass support for farmers, assistance for impoverished households, and much more. In a show of solidarity, these individuals express their allegiance to the Prime Minister, affectionately referring to themselves as members of Mr. Modi’s extended family.

The Prime Minister has often used the term “my family members” to address the citizens, emphasizing a sense of closeness. This sentiment was reiterated following a taunt from opposition leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, who questioned the Prime Minister’s familial ties. In response, Modi asserted his profound bond with the nation’s people, highlighting a strong connection and unwavering dedication to serving them as an integral part of his leadership approach.

Prime Minister Modi

Various BJP leaders have circulated his letter among the public, wherein he requested their input and backing to forge a “Viksit Bharat”, affirming his belief that unitedly, they will elevate the nation to unprecedented greatness.

Addressing the citizens as “dear family members,” the Prime Minister(PM) expressed gratitude for their enduring partnership as they stand on the brink of marking a decade together. Modi acknowledged that the unwavering trust and support of 140 crore Indians serve as a continual source of inspiration and motivation for him to lead with dedication and commitment.

“The transformation that has taken place in the lives of the people stands as the most significant achievement of our government in the past decade. These transformative outcomes reflect the dedicated and unwavering efforts of a resolute government striving to enhance the quality of life for the underprivileged, farmers, youth, and women,” he expressed earnestly.

“Mere Bharat, Mera Parivar,” he said on X while sharing the video.

Programs aiding the less privileged, such as constructing permanent homes, ensuring universal access to electricity, water, and LPG, providing free medical care via Ayushman Bharat, extending financial support to farmers, and offering various schemes to empower women, have succeeded thanks to the trust bestowed upon him.

“I have complete confidence that, through our collaborative efforts, we will elevate our nation to unprecedented heights,” expressed Prime Minister Modi confidently during the address.

“Our nation is progressing ahead, embracing both tradition and modernity in unison. As we reflect on the past decade, we observe the remarkable development of cutting-edge infrastructure that is shaping the future. Alongside this advancement, there is a notable revival and preservation of our diverse national and cultural heritage,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi underscored his government’s capacity to make impactful decisions, such as the successful implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the abrogation of Article 370, the enactment of a new law addressing the issue of triple talaq, the proactive promotion of women’s participation in Parliament through reservations, the inauguration of a state-of-the-art Parliament building, and the enforcement of stringent measures against terrorism and Left-Wing Extremism. These actions not only signify the trust and support of the people but also demonstrate a commitment to addressing key issues facing the nation.

Article 370:

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution granted special autonomous status to the region of Jammu and Kashmir. It empowered the State Constituent Assembly to formulate its own Constitution, providing for unique laws concerning citizenship rights, land ownership rights, and various other aspects. Notably, under this provision, individuals from outside the state were prohibited from purchasing land within the region, aiming to preserve the demographic and cultural fabric of Jammu and Kashmir.

Numerous petitions were lodged contesting the Presidential Orders of August 5 and 6, 2019, along with the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 (2019 Act) on grounds of their alleged unconstitutionality. The pivotal legal queries raised revolve around whether J&K’s status lost its temporary nature after the Constituent Assembly refrained from deciding on Article 370 before disbanding in 1957. Additionally, it questions whether this provision restricts the Union government from independently altering the State’s ties with India and if the once ‘temporary’ clause has now assumed a permanent essence.

Article 370

They emphasized that Article 370 acquired a permanent nature upon the dissolution of the Jammu and Kashmir Constituent Assembly in 1957 following the establishment of the State Constitution. It was also noted that the 2019 Act is deemed unconstitutional as Article 3 of the Constitution does not authorize Parliament to demote federal democratic States into a less representative form like a Union Territory.

On the contrary, the government, represented by Attorney-General R. Venkataramani, Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta, and advocate Kanu Agrawal, argued that the abrogation was crucial for the complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir into the Union of India. They informed the court that the Valley had witnessed prosperity over the last four and a half years following the repeal of Article 370 in August 2019. Additionally, they assured that the Union Territory status of Jammu and Kashmir was considered a temporary phase and that it would eventually regain its full statehood status.

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