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Natasha Diddee, Chef ‘Lost Stomach to Stress’, Dies

Natasha Diddee, Chef 'Lost Stomach to Stress', Dies
According to her Instagram bio, Natasha Diddee was a chef, who had been living without a stomach. “Lost my entire stomach to stress,” Natasha Diddee Dies

Renowned food blogger Natasha Diddee, known as ‘The Gutless Foodie’, passed away on Sunday in Pune, Maharashtra. Her husband shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram, expressing profound sorrow over her loss. Natasha, a chef who lived without a stomach as per her Instagram bio, succumbed to unknown circumstances. Her bio mentioned losing her stomach due to stress, leaving a mystery surrounding the cause of her demise.

Famous food blogger Natasha Diddee, widely recognized as The Gutless Foodie, tragically passed away on a Sunday in Pune. Her social media bio indicated that Ms. Diddee pursued a career as a chef, navigating life without a stomach. The heart breaking announcement of her demise was shared by her husband on Instagram. “It is with immense pain and sorrow that I share the devastating news of my beloved wife Natasha Diddee’s passing, known to many as The Gutless Foodie,” he expressed in his heartfelt post.

Natasha had her stomach removed due to tumours

Ms. Diddee's

Ms. Diddee’s cause of death remains unknown.

As per an NDTV report, Natasha disclosed in earlier interviews that Natasha Diddee Dies underwent a complete stomach removal due to tumors that had formed. Additionally, she mentioned experiencing various medical issues like diarrhea, nausea, and feeling light-headed or fatigued after meals.

The Instagram ‘The Gutless Foodie’ will keep thriving.

Natasha Diddee’s husband mentioned in his post that the chef’s Instagram account will remain active after her passing.

Natasha’s husband expressed the intention to maintain the Instagram account @thegutlessfoodie. He acknowledged the account’s impact, noting how her posts and stories inspire numerous followers. Her recipes and content are a consistent source of inspiration for many, prompting frequent return visits from her dedicated audience.

“I am aware that she cherished engaging directly with her followers, making it a priority to respond to each person who reached out to her. Over the years, she took great pleasure in meeting her followers at events and during our travels,” he mentioned.

The exact cause of Ms. Diddee’s passing remains unknown. However, in previous interviews, she openly shared her ongoing battle with a range of medical concerns including persistent diarrhea, frequent episodes of nausea, and post-meal fatigue often accompanied by bouts of dizziness. Additionally, she courageously underwent a complex medical procedure involving the complete removal of her stomach owing to the discovery of malignant tumors within that vital organ.

“The Instagram account @thegutlessfoodie will remain active and accessible. Her posts and stories are a wellspring of inspiration, drawing followers in with her delectable recipes. The content she shares continues to ignite creativity and motivation,” articulated Ms. Diddee’s husband.

“I know she valued interacting directly with her followers, prioritizing responses to every contact. Meeting them at events and during our travels brought her immense joy throughout the years,” he stated.

In the comments section of the post, Instagram users expressed their heartfelt condolences for the loss. One user shared, “Natasha Diddee was one of the very first good accounts I followed when I joined Instagram back when it wasn’t such a big thing. After getting to know her story of battling with the condition, I was even more inspired by her strength and resilience. It’s truly heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. May you find the strength to cope with this tragic loss.”

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Famous food blogger Natasha Diddee

Another person expressed their sadness, “This is truly heartbreaking! I’ve tried numerous recipes by Natasha and her heartfelt captions were always a must-read for me. My deepest condolences on your loss. May she rest in peace.”

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