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India’s Hero Maestro Scooter Discontinued; Successor Model Patented

India's Hero Maestro Scooter Discontinued; Successor Model Patented

Hero Maestro

once stood out as a potential rival to the leading Honda Activa. Nevertheless, recent indications point towards a strategic reevaluation by Hero MotoCorp.

The company has quietly discontinued the Maestro from its product range. Examining the sales data sheds light on the severity of the issue, as only 376 units were sold domestically in January 2023, with a further decline to just 260 units distributed in international markets.

Skoda Kodiaq SUV Price Cut: Shifts Focus to L and K Variants in India. The dwindling sales of the Maestro Scooter likely led to choice to stop its production. Curiously, the future of the Maestro Edge remains uncertain, casting doubt on its market longevity.


Amid the announcement of discontinuation, excitement surrounds Hero’s newest project, drawing in enthusiasts. A potential successor to the Maestro is in the works, teased through patent filings revealing a scooter with a sturdy body panel design reminiscent of its predecessor.

Don’t Miss: The 2024 Honda CB125R Unveiled: Stylish, Efficient, and Euro5+ Compliant. Despite the hype, specific specifications are still a mystery, leaving much to the imagination about MotoCorp’s plans. There is great anticipation for a possible launch during the Diwali festivities, yet this remains speculative. Going up against rivals like the Honda Activa, expectations hint at advanced features such as a smart key, smartphone connectivity, and generous storage space to outshine the competition.


Hero’s current scooter lineup features the Maestro Edge, Duet, Pleasure Plus XTec, Destini 125 XTec, and Destini 125 Prime. The upcoming addition of a new model is poised to invigorate Hero’s scooter segment, offering a fresh contender against the Activa and other established brands. Anticipation is high among enthusiasts and potential buyers, eagerly awaiting the launch with hopes of a game-changing product that could reshape the competitive landscape of the Indian scooter market.

In the realm of Indian scooters, the Honda Activa reigns supreme, a fact well-known to Hero MotoCorp. As they bid farewell to the Maestro and prepare for the anticipated release of a new, feature-packed scooter, Hero gears up to disrupt the current state of affairs. By unveiling a pioneering range that fuses advanced technology with user-centric features, Hero aims to potentially revolutionize its standing in the market.

Amid mounting anticipation for Hero’s strategic maneuvers, the scooter sector appears poised for a compelling evolution. Time alone will determine whether Hero’s forthcoming scooter can secure a notable stake in a market dominated by entrenched favorites. In essence, the Indian scooter industry is undergoing a noteworthy transformation marked by Hero MotoCorp’s calculated discontinuation of the Maestro and the eagerly awaited debut of a fresh model.

With intricate details still shrouded in secrecy, the automotive community eagerly anticipates the unveiling, holding their breath in hopeful anticipation for a product that can rival the esteemed Honda Activa. As Hero gears up for its forthcoming strategic maneuver, the horizon appears set for an enthralling new chapter in the fiercely contested narrative of India’s scooter segment. Let’s take a closer look at the information we have on hand.

Hero has announced that their next scooter will run on a robust 125cc engine, a notable advancement from their existing range of 110-125cc models. This strategic shift is aimed at narrowing the power and performance gap between Hero’s offerings and Honda’s lineup.

But it’s not just about the engine size. The new scooter is anticipated to be a game-changer with its powerful engine that promises a smooth and efficient ride. Apart from that, it is set to boast a range of modern features, including energy-efficient LED lights that illuminate the way ahead, a futuristic digital instrument cluster for easy navigation, a handy mobile charging port to keep you connected on the go, and possibly even cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with your devices. These advanced additions are poised to capture the interest of younger buyers who prioritize technology and convenience in their choice of vehicles.

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