Daily Energy Drink kills 30 Minutes of Sleep, Study Reveals!

Energy drink

Researchers caution that consuming just one energy drink per mnth can disrupt sleep patterns.

Energy drink

A groundbreaking study from Norway uncovers the dark side of energy drinks, revealing that those who down a can daily sacrifice half an hour of precious sleep. Packed with caffeine, sugar, and promises of mental and physical boosts, these popular beverages have been linked to insomnia and poor-quality sleep.

More than 53,000 participants aged 18 to 35 were part of the research, shedding light on the sleep-wrecking effects of energy drinks. The findings show that even occasional sips (1-3 times a month) heighten the risk of disturbed sleep.

Men sipping two to three drinks a week face a 35% higher chance of bedtime after midnight, 52% more likely to sleep less than six hours, and a 60% increased likelihood of waking in the night. Women, too, show alarming figures, with a 20% higher chance of late bedtime, 58% more likely to sleep less than six hours, and a 24% increased chance of waking in the night.

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Daily drinkers face even greater sleep challenges, reporting issues with falling asleep, staying asleep, and overall reduced sleep time. For women, the risk of insomnia spikes to 51%, compared to 33% for occasional or non-drinkers. Men, too, are not spared, with 37% of daily drinkers grappling with insomnia, versus 22% of those who rarely or never indulge.

The study raises concerns about the sleep repercussions of even minimal energy drink consumption, emphasizing the need for attention, especially among college and university students. While the study is observational and doesn’t establish causation, the message is clear: think twice before sipping on that energy boost, as it may come at the cost of a good night’s sleep!

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