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Actor Gal Gadot welcomes 4th daughter ‘Ori’. ‘The pregnancy was challenging.’

Actor Gal Gadot welcomes 4th daughter 'Ori'. 'The pregnancy was challenging.'

Gal Gadot shared on Instagram the news of becoming a mother for the fourth time. She candidly expressed the challenges of her pregnancy journey before introducing her daughter, Ori, to the world.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot welcomed her fourth child, a daughter. The 38-year-old star shared the news on Instagram, acknowledging the challenges of her pregnancy before introducing her daughter, named “Ori”.

Actor Gal Gadot welcomes 4th daughter 'Ori'. 'The pregnancy was challenging.'

“Welcome, my precious daughter. The journey of pregnancy was challenging, but we persevered together.”

“On Wednesday, Gadot expressed deep appreciation, stating, ‘You have illuminated our lives, truly embodying your name, Ori, signifying ‘my light’ in Hebrew. Our hearts overflow with gratitude.”

Gadot received numerous congratulatory comments from users on her post. Vin Diesel, her co-star in “Fast & Furious,” expressed his congratulations with a folded hands emoji, and British actress Lily Collins also extended her well wishes to Gadot for welcoming her fourth child.

Other celebrities also shared their excitement for the arrival of Gadot’s newest family member. Actress Gal Gadot has given birth to her fourth child, a baby girl named Daniella. The “Wonder Woman” star announced the happy news on her Instagram account last Sunday, sharing an adorable black and white photo of herself, husband Yaron Varsano, and their three daughters eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new addition.

Gadot captioned the photo with a heartfelt message, expressing how grateful she is for her growing family and thanking everyone for their love and support. She also shared that her daughter was born on March 20th – International Women’s Day – making her arrival even more meaningful.


Fans were quick to flood Gadot’s post with congratulatory messages and well wishes for the family. Many also expressed their excitement to see the new addition grow up alongside her three older sisters, Alma, Maya, and Alma’s half-sister from Varsano’s previous marriage.

Gadot has been open about her love for motherhood and how it has changed her perspective on life. She often shares heartwarming moments with her daughters on social media, including teaching them Hebrew and empowering them through women-centric books and films.

Despite being a busy actress and global superstar, Gadot continues to prioritize her family and be present in their lives. Her dedication to balancing career and motherhood serves as an inspiration to many aspiring working mothers.

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