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HYDERABAD: More than an year after its rollout, only about 50,000 vehicles in India have been registered with the new Bharat series (BH), but not a single vehicle from Telangana has opted for it so far in what could indicate the reluctance for Centre’s new registration move.
However, sources said Telangana is yet to implement BH registration and hence no vehicle is registered under BH series. But, Telangana is not alone in failing to register vehicles under BH series. Other than Karnataka, no other southern state has opted for the new series yet, sources said.
BH registration came into being in 2021 and until the first week of December 2022, 49,696 vehicles have been registered across India with Maharashtra (13,625), Uttar Pradesh (5,698) and Rajasthan (5,615) leading the chart in BH registration. Vehicles registered with BH series need not be re-registered when a vehicle owner relocates to another state.
In a recent reply in Parliament, the Centre said the implementation of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, was the responsibility of states and Union territories. It said the registration system was announced with the objective of making vehicle transfers to other states simple and hassle-free.
Defence personnel, employees of the central and state governments, PSUs and private sector companies with offices in four or more states and UTs can use the service, it said.
Those who choose to register their cars under the new series must pay the road tax for two years or a multiple of two years. The entire procedure has been made available online, the government said.
While new vehicles are currently registered under the BH series, vehicles with regular registration marks can now be converted to BH Series registration marks by paying the necessary tax, an official said.
The road transport ministry set a road tax of 8% for vehicles costing up to 10 lakh, 10% for vehicles costing between 10-20 lakh and 12% for vehicles costing more than 20 lakh under the scheme. Diesel vehicles will have to pay an additional 2% fee, while electric vehicles have 2% less tax.


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