Asaduddin Owaisi is a small member of Parliament (Faris Qadri against Asaduddin )

Asaduddin is a small Member of Parliament, I had called many leaders like, PM of India, Home Minister of India Mr. Amit Shah, told Faris Qadri. I had decided that I’ll Fight with these Politicians till my last breath. Faris Qadri is stating that he is not recording calls and making it viral because he wants quick fame. “Faris Qadri against Asaduddin”

Attack On Faris Qadri’s Home By AIMIM Supporters:

Faris Qadri speaks up that the people who had attacked his home were the old one, which was a wrong address not on current. Also says that he is not afraid of these politicians.

According to Faris Qadri he first spoke to BR. Asaduddin Owaisi, and later with a famous leader of Maharashtra, Aurangabad Imtiyaz Jaleel which led to the attack on his old home address.

Faris Qadri is asking about the property of Asaduddin Owaisi from where he brought so much and the worth of that property is 600 Crores. Faris Qadri not only questions AIMIM, but also every politician.

Faris Qadri believes in fundamental rights of India, and says each and every Indian has the right to question the Government.

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Why did the fire of wrath spread??

After the conversation with Imtiyaz Jaleel, The leader said that he will stamp Faris Qadri like insects under his feet. On 19th May the supporters of AIMIM had attacked Faris Qadri’s old address.

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Reason Why Faris Qadri Is Calling Every Politician?

Faris Qadri is calling every politician because he is concerned about the situation and the position of India in the world. 

Not only Asaduddin Owaisi and Imtiyaz Jaleel are targeted but also each and every political party of India. He says that he wants to know the reason why India is lagging behind.

Many Politicians got many calls from Faris Qadri. Many of them had reacted to him. BR. Asaduddin Owaisi handled the call in a very calm and humble manner, he listened to him very patiently and responded to him, Asaduddin requested him to visit Hyderabad and have a word with him, they can have peaceful discussion and each and every question will be answered.

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