WhatsApp Files A Suit Against Indian Government Over New Rules – (Sources)

WhatsApp filed a case in Delhi against the Indian Government for blocking regulation which is going to be executed on Wednesday. According to the experts they would compel Facebook (FB.O) the messaging application to break the privacy policy protections, insights from the sources.

According to the Indian Constitutional law, IT rules are a violation of privacy since it requires social media companies to identify the “first originator of information” when authorities demand it, people are aware of this lawsuit, sources said.

The WhatsApp lawsuit complaints a growing struggle among PM Narendra Modi’s government and tech tycoons including Facebook, Google’s parent Alphabet (GOOGL.O) and Twitter (TWTR.N) in one of their key global growth markets.

Police entered twitter’s office and as a result the tension rose. This happened because twitter stated “manipulated media”, saying forged content was included.

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New Delhi has also ordered Tech companies to remove the wrong information about covid-19 pandemic situation in India. And also the posts and much more stuff which had criticised the Government crisis.

WhatsApp files lawsuit

Whereas the new law requires only WhatsApp, which has half a billion users in India, to catch hold of people who were accused of wrongdoing, it can not be in practice to do it alone.

According to the WhatsApp it says because the messages are end-to-end encrypted which may break the encryption for the receivers messages as well as the origin as per the new law.

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