Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif leave fans ‘SHOCKED’ as their Economy class travel video goes viral – Times of India


At a time when celebs are often seen booking private jets and helicopters out of the city, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif proved they have no qualms travelling as economy-class passengers.

The star couple made waves over the weekend when they were spotted at the airport in hoodies and track pants. While nothing much was made of their travel plans at the time, a new video doing the rounds online sees the couple maintaining a low profile as they travelled in Economy class.

A video shared by a fan sees Vicky wearing his cap low while Katrina opted to wear a cap and mask to hide her identity. The clip shows the star couple lined up with the passengers to make their way to their seats. Another video sees the two seated side-by-side and engrossed in their mobile phones.

The videos that have been circulating on various fan handles gained all sorts of reactions from fans and netizens. While some expressed their shock on seeing the two stars travelling in Economy class, another said, “Flying Economy? Wow, #katrinakaif you so down to earth.”

Another admitted, “I thought they might never travel in economy.”

Other fans slammed the ‘fan’ who shot the video and said that filming the stars without their knowledge was a breach of privacy. One wrote, “This is so wrong to whoever posted & recorded this… let them be omg…”

Vicky and Katrina celebrated their first wedding anniversary early this month. The star couple is expected to fly out to London to spend the holiday season with the Kaif family.


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