US embassy in India guaranteed more student visas appointments in upcoming weeks

New Delhi: The United States of America on Tuesday guaranteed more student visa appointments to Indian students in the upcoming weeks because after a rush for the interview slots among applicants was seen at the embassy portal on opening day.

“From June 14th, thousands of students from India have secured visa appointments for July and August months. Thousands of appointments remain available and we will open thousands in the upcoming weeks. We appreciate your patience as we are busy working to resolve the technical issues you have faced,” US Embassy in India tweeted.

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Also Tweeting on Twitter, the embassy said that thousands of students have got the visa appointments but for July and August month only . The officials from the embassy said that they are now busy working to resolve the technical issues that students are facing in the visa submission process.

But On Monday this week, student’s applications, slates to join US colleges, had faced some barriers on the embassy portal. The US embassy had asked the students who are applying to withhold refresh their accounts too often.

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“We were aware of the higher demand for student visa appointments. Please remember that, do not refresh too often, as you may be logged out of your account. Appointments will be available at all posts, and we will continue to add appointments as conditions allow,” the US embassy wrote in a tweet on Monday.

As per one of the students platform Study International, the travel ban against the travelers from several countries is still in effect, however, the international students with USA student visas are free from it.

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Previously, the US embassy India had cancelled the majority of in-person appointments for immigrant and non-immigrant visa processings due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US States Department had said that the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to affect the working ability of the embassies and also creates barriers around the world to resume the US visa services yet.

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