Hyderabad: “No Urdu In New Signboard”

Hyderabad News: Recently, concerned authorities of King Koti Hospital have changed the signboard of the hospital. But, Urdu found no place in it. Why.?

This move of the Telangana government triggered anger among the Urdu Speaking people.

They claimed that even with the Urdu language being the second official language of the state, it is hardly getting any respect in the state.

New Signboard of The Hospital

The name of the hospital has been written in English and Telugu languages.

In the earlier sign board, the name of the hospital was displayed in three languages i.e., English, Urdu, and Telugu.

Status of Urdu in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana state

In the previous state of Andhra Pradesh, Urdu was the second official language in nine districts of the present Telangana State.

Till then, the secretary of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee Taher Saadi has questioned and asked that the state government should take necessary steps for the promotion of the Urdu language in Telangana.

Old Signboard of The Same Hospital

After the formation of a separate Telangana State, a resolution was passed in the Assembly in 2016 to declare Urdu as the second official language of the state.

On the guidance of chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao, a gazette notification was also released in this regard.

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But, Now the second official language of Telangana could not find a place on the government hospital’s signboard. It hurts the sentiments of the people of Telangana, as CM KCR is not on his word anymore.

The Urdu language is very beautiful and loved by many people in India, by disrespecting the this language Telangana govt is hurting the sentiments of the citizens of India as well.

People of Telangana hope that the CM will take necessary action to replace the signboard as soon as possible. The authorities should think before implementing something whether the act hurt citizens or not.

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