Twitter to lose status of Intermediary Platform in India, All You Need To Know

New Delhi: Sooner or later Social Media Twitter is going to lose status for intermediary platform in India because of non compliance with new intermediary guidelines which was Issued by the Govt of India to all social media platforms.

As Official Source said ” They have yet to accept the new intermediary guidelines which was issues by Govt of India “

As a result of non compliances with the guidelines twitter has lost the status of intermediary platform in India because of it’s prosecution of posts

On Tuesday, the miniature contributing to a blog stage said that it has delegated a between time Chief Compliance Officer, the subtleties of which would be before long imparted to the IT Ministry straightforwardly.

On the column over a supposed phony video in Uttar Pradesh, the pastor said: “What occurred in UP was illustrative of Twitter’s assertion in battling counterfeit news.”

GoI Vs Twitter Scuffle | Twitter To Lose ‘Intermediary Platform’ Status |

He was of the view that while it has been over excited about its reality checking system, it’s inability to act in various cases like UP is puzzling and demonstrates its irregularity in battling falsehood.

Twitter deliberately delayed choosing non-compliance of IT Rules: Ravi Prasad

Further, in a progression of Tweets, Union and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that there are various inquiries emerging with respect to whether Twitter is qualified for safe harbor arrangement.

“Nonetheless, the basic truth is that Twitter has neglected to conform to the Intermediary Guidelines that happened from the 26th of May,” he added.

Lashing out at the miniature writing for a blog stage over rebelliousness, Prasad said that it is “shocking” that Twitter that depicts itself as the banner conveyor of free discourse, picks the way of conscious insubordination with regards to the Intermediary Guidelines.

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The clergyman additionally tweeted on the issue.

Prasad attested that twitter was offered numerous chances to agree with the guidelines, yet purposely picked the way of resistance.

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