Telangana Monsoon to Be Delayed: IMD

Hyderabad: So Bad News for all the Hyderabadi’s because this year the Telangana monsoon will be delayed by one week as per the India Meteorological Department (IMD). According to the IMD because of the two Cyclones so-called Tauktae and Yaas are being the reason for the southwest monsoon being delayed.

The director of the weather department in Hyderabad, Dr. K. Nagaratna said it is a possibility of southwest monsoon is being delayed in the Kerala coast by June 3 instead of June 1.

So that indicates that the Telangana Monsoon is also expected to be delayed than usual.

The weather department also said the arrival of the southwest Telangana monsoon could be expected in the second week in the month of June.

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In a tweet, IMD on Sunday stated, “From 01st June onwards condition will bit by bit get good with the progressive expansion in strength and profundity of westerly breezes. It might prompt beginning over Kerala around 03rd June”.

Tweet From IMD Regarding the Telangana Monsoon

IMD Director General M Mohapatra said there is cyclonic flow but the Karnataka coast is blocking the advancement of the southwest monsoon.

Because the ordinary beginning date for the monsoon over Kerala is June 1. This denotes the beginning of the four-month precipitation season for the country.

Monsoon is required to be typical this year, so the IMD has said in its conjecture.

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