Telangana Lockdown Continues from tomorrow Till Another 10 Days

The Cabinet meeting has resolved to continue Telangana lockdown for another 10 days and daily relaxation has been extended from 6AM -1PM.

Limited revival of economic activity is also consented. Guidelines will be issued soon.(Tweeted By KTR).

Lockdown for another 10 days from tomorrow till May 9th 2021. Timings follow from 6am-1am.

Telangana Lockdown Continues from tomorrow Till Another 10 Days

KTR also said that, Cabinet decided that students who are going overseas for higher studies will be prioritised for the vaccination so that they can travel to the chosen country without any barricades safely.

Extension of lockdown has nervous many of them in the state especially poor, at the same time CM KCR had increased the timing for 3 hours more than before in Telangana to buy and purchase the essential goods and commodities.

The poor can now sell their goods for more than 3 hours extra compared to before conditions. The CM of Telangana had shown support towards the state and the cases of Covid-19 are in control, and this is the same reason to extend the lockdown and also the timings are increased.

The Cabinet Meeting had ended up with the conclusion after the CM refers and reviewed the reports which were submitted by the health and family welfare department. Now the people of Telangana can rest assured that if the cases are in control they can expect another good news of no lockdown in Telangana in future.

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