Telangana: A COVID Positive Woman Forcibly Hugs Her Daughter-in-law

Telangana: The youthful lady wouldn’t permit her two kids to visit her mother in law and pushed her to get food from an assigned spot, which caused the more established lady to feel oppressed. 

Enraged with her Daughter in-law for keeping up friendly removing, a lady persuasively embraced her, which brought about the woman (daughter in-law) contracting COVID-19 – which is by and large what the senior lady needed. 

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The Daughter in-law was purportedly bolted out of the home in Somaripeta town after she gotten the infection. She was gotten back by her sister on May 29 from their folks’ home in Thimmapur town in Rajanna Sircilla area subsequent to learning of this. Authorities from the division visited her after she gripped to them.

It was accounted for that she unexpectedly embraced the young lady and said that “Do every one of you need to live cheerfully when I bite the dust? It is clear she additionally expected that the daughter-in-law ought to be influenced by Covid-19. 

Subsequent to getting the infection, but the little girl in-law is under the consideration of her sister at home in segregation. In light of the abrupt change in conduct seen by her mother by marriage, the girl in-law started giving food to her two youngsters from a good way and staying away from contact with them. 

As well as giving her the medicine needed for her Covid-19 treatment, so income office authorities visited the place of the wronged girl in-law and said they will help her with her protest.

“We disclosed to her that on the off chance that she is expected to seek after a body of evidence against her relative, she would be guided on what steps to take,” said an authority.

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