No Salaries from months, say “Krishnaveni Talent School Teachers”

Hyderabad News Today: Faculty of the Krishnaveni Talent School, Tolichowki, have blamed the education organization for not paying teacher salary to them their full compensations in the course of the past few months.

The teachers additionally claimed that their administration isn’t letting the State government welfare program for teachers to reach recipients also.

An inside person from Krishnaveni Talent School said that even after collecting the tuition fees from the students the school management is still claiming that fee collection is zero for this year.

School Not Paying Salaries For Months To The Staff Members

The administration management is only paying the accountant and the principal of the school, one of the teachers, who did not want to be identified, told the press.

The teachers, who wanted to remain unidentified because of the fear of retribution, accused the chairman of Krishnaveni Talent School that the chairman is diverting the money by opening food chains in different parts of the city instead of paying the salaries of employees.

At the point when asked to the principal, the school’s principal didn’t deny or remark on the charges put on by the staff.

In any case, she said that she is new and thus is not familiar about the issues raised by the teachers.

What Telangana Govt Planned for Teacher Salary Issue:

Because of the COVID-19 lockdown this year, Telangana chief minister KCR has announced that all the private school teachers will receive Rs.2,000 as financial aid, along with the 25 kilograms of rice every month.

One of the third employees who spoke to the press, alleged that she was only denied previous month’s salary. However, she also claimed that she was not provided the provident funds of the last two years.

Previously, claims against Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, and Mesco College of Pharmacy were also raised by their staff members, who also claimed that their institutes are not paying the teacher salary on time.

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As many businesses continue to fall back even after the lifting of the lockdown, educational institutions which were hit the hardest due to lockdown have come to a financial destruction.

The people working in these schools and colleges are struggling to meet their daily requirements due to half salary payments and other problems as well.

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