Snake man vava Suresh recovering after cobra bit in Kerala

Snake man vava rescued more than 190 king cobras and has suffered over 250 bites of snakes. In the right wrist due to snake bites.
Pics: vava Suresh was rushed to the hospital on January 31 after the cobra bite

Cobra bites

A famous snake rescuer to Kerala vava Suresh, who was battling for life after a cobra bite, was taken out of the ventilator . Kottayam medical college superintendent TK Jaya Kumar said Suresh started breathing on his own and there is improvement in health. The doctor said Suresh will be under observation for two days more. The state health department has provided a special medical team to monitor his health suresh a, household name in Kerala has so far rescued more than 50,000 reptiles. He has even figured in national Geographic and Animal planet channels .
The “snake man of Kerala’as suresh is foundry called, has rescue more than 190 King cobra.

The 48-years-old cobra bitten on jan 31 when he was trying to rescue the snake from a human habitat Kottayam .

Suresh rushed to save the cobra from another hospital, where he was recuperating following an accident after a frantic call.

Residents of kurich in Kottayam said Suresh was bitten while he was putting the 10-foot cobra in gunny bag after saving it. We were in the tears dispute the bite. He managed to put the snake in gunny bag safely he become unconscious after few minutes resident said.

Suresh said that he suffers over 250 snake bites. He also cost his index finger and movement in his right wrist due to snake bite.

Kerala forest department offered him a job but the refused to take saying he would able to devote his life for first love.

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