school reopens: Education Department To Announce the News

New Delhi News: School reopens, V.K. Paul, a Member (Health), NITI Aayog, said on Tuesday that the resolution to reopen schools has to be taken very watchfully.

Conveying to the Union Health Ministry’s media briefing on Covid-19, V.K. Paul said, “The resolution (to reopen the schools) has to be taken watchfully.

We can take risks only when we are protected from the infection. As the Schools are the places of large gatherings.

Which will give the virus the opportunity to infect more more students and the management also.

Describing the reasons behind the emergency of new waves of the covid-19 pandemic and how they can be brought to control, V.K. Paul said that.

There are other countries where even the second wave of Covid-19 has not appeared yet. 

If we do what is required to do and don’t give way to irresponsible behaviours, then an outbreak will not occur in future. This is a simple principle of protection from infections.

Amongst the above two or three elements sensitivity and chance for the infections are wholly under our control.

Whereas the other two behaviors of the virus and contractible cannot be forecasted or can be controlled. 

So, if we are saved and ensure that we are not allowed, the virus will not be able to survive anyhow, he said.

We can control the spread of the virus by wearing the masks or by getting fully vaccinated with both the doses. 

Hence, if we reduce the chance for the virus by following all the Covid-19 suitable behaviors and decrease the spreading of the infections of Covid-19. Then the third wave will not hit us, V.K. Paul added.
Hyderabad News : Education Department To Announce

How To Tackle When School Reopens:

Few of these need individual efforts, while few others such as separation of groups, contact tracing and making sure about the testing capability.

And creating awareness is needed for the system to act, he said.

As there is a very high chance of a 3rd wave hit in the country, the govt must and should take the necessary measures to protect the students from the infection of the covid-19.

As the schools and colleges are the mass gathering places of many teachers and students. It will be a matter of concern. school reopen in Telangana

As the Covid-19 cases in children seem to be getting higher day by day, the government must focus on the protection of the children rather than reopening the school reopens.

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