Pros and cons of weight loss:


The New You:

Buying lots of new clothes and seeing the “new you” when you pass a mirror is difficult to explain to someone who has always been thin, but it is certainly a feeling you want to revel in.


There is a new found self-confidence that accompanies weight loss. Bring it on! I can do it! This boost in your self-esteem may lead to tackling new challenges you would have never considered previously.

Better Sleep:

Many find that they sleep better after losing a lot of weight. In addition, when you lose weight it is typical for exercise and physical activities to increase, which help you sleep better at night. Many overweight adults have sleep apnea, a health issue that may start to resolve itself after significant weight loss.

Fewer Headaches:

Fat cells increase the amount of inflammation in our body, which can trigger migraines. Both the quantity and severity of headaches may decrease after an individual has lost some weight.

Your Overall Health Will Improve:

This is the big one! Getting to a healthy physical state should be the ultimate goal of losing weight and not just a superficial outcome. The health issues related to obesity are both serious and numerous: heart disease, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, and cancer.

Imagine knowing you have reduced the impact all these life threatening health issues could have on your life! By committing to a weight loss program, you will be making an active choice to live longer.

Pros and cons of weight loss:

Some Cons of Losing Weight:

Embracing change is difficult for many, if not for most people. Significant changes in weight not only apply to you, but to everyone else in your life. There will be mental and emotional changes, and adjustments will need to be made by you and others along your weight loss journey.

Your Hormones May Change:

Ladies, you may find that your menstrual cycle will get wacky for a while. With decreased weight, estrogen levels will drop. Periods could be longer or shorter, heavier or lighter.

Don’t Expect All Your Troubles to Disappear:

If you hope all the negatives in your life will magically go away after you lose weight, you will be sorely disappointed. If you had problems with depression and insecurity while overweight, they most likely will remain after weight loss. You may need some assistance with depression after the initial euphoria wears off.

Anxiety and Stress:

There may be some fear and anxiety about regaining the lost weight. Some people can become obsessed with maintaining an exact weight. If you were an emotional eater before weight loss, be aware that hormonal changes will affect your disposition and temperament.

Changes in Relationships:

People in your life may treat you differently both during and after weight loss. This includes spouses, friends, co-workers, and family.

You might not have gotten support from all of them, and this lack of support could be caused by jealousy or their fear of change. You might re-evaluate the “friend” who is not happy for you or is not supportive of you as you work to improve your health and life in general.

Some of this may actually be positive for you if you make new friends who enjoy the same activities as you, and who encourage you to continue striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Feeling Cold:

This seems to be a natural result of losing weight. You no longer have that extra fat layer to keep you warm. If you begin to have other issues like excessive dry skin, headaches, and brittle nails consult a doctor.

Saggy Skin:

This is another natural consequence of losing weight, and it can reinforce that old negative body image. You don’t have to embrace it, but expect it, and plan to do resistance exercises.   

Making the Decision:

As you weigh the pros and cons of losing weight, it should be abundantly clear that the pros far outweigh any negatives that might occur. Reducing your risk of so many serious health consequences tips the scale.


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