‘Pathaan’ and ‘Besharam Rang’ row: Neeraj Kabi: Don’t want to say anything, it might lead to further controversy – Times of India


Neeraj Kabi, the multi-faceted performer, touched down Kolkata to grace the 28th KIFF special ‘masterclass’ at Bangla Academy and it was indeed a treat for all when he spoke about what acting means to him and the definition of an actor. While his speech turned the panel discussion something special the seasoned actor carefully restrained from commenting anything about the ongoing controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated film ‘Pathaan’.


When ETimes asked the Bollywood actor about his thoughts on the current ‘Boycott Pathaan’ trend the ‘Sherdil’ actor responded with his as usual witty answer, “I think it is beeter not to talk anything on this topic because it might stir yet another controversy if I open up or say something about it. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to get involved in this. Let’s stay away from the controversy.” Neeraj’s response claearly states that Bollywood is indeed feeling the pressure amid the protests against ‘Pathaan’.

Although he didn’t want to say anything about ‘Pathaan’ the versatile actor, on Monday, enriched the audience presence at the ‘masterclass’ with his vast knowledge about the nit and grit of acting. Speaking about the basic things an actor has to remember he shared, “A true actor maintains three stages in his/her craft. In the first stage, his responsibility is to entertain people and in the next two stages he should inspire and encourage people in bringing the needed changes in society. Sadly, in many cases as actor gets stuck in the first stage. He achieves fame and popularity but fails to become a true artist.”


He further insisted that acting schools or workshops can’t create actors. “They can only guide you and the rest you have to do. I believe a true actor collects the needed skills and materials from society to become a better artist. Afterall, he/she is also an integral part of the society,” explained Neeraj.

The actor further added, “Sometimes I pause and take a close look at my work and I feel only gratitude. The response I have been getting in all these years it motivates me to do so much more. I step into a set like any other worker, who has to struggle to create the art and when you are approaching your life like that, you simply don’t take anything for granted at all.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Neeraj Kabi has a slew of interesting projects in hand including Meghna Gulzar-directed ‘Sam Bahadur’ which stars Vicky Kaushal in the lead.


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