“Osmania University Students Are Being Forced to Learn About Cow Urine or gau mutra”

Hyderabad News: Be it the continuous COVID-19 pandemic or malignant growth, numerous informal cases have been made about cow pee or anything related with the cow like being helpful in treating the two afflictions. Furthermore, a large number of those cases have come from as a matter of fact individuals from the decisions made by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), it’s now in Osmania University.

Up to this point, informal cases with respect to ‘gau mutr’ (cow pee)’ and other such things were generally consigned to Whatsapp advances, which are a shelter for conservative (read Hindutva) promulgation.

And the cow’s Urine obsession seems to have reached Osmania University now, where the students of the University, much to their unwillingness, are being forced to study this rubbish nonsense in the University syllabus of a legitimate subject under the title of ‘Essence of Indian Traditional Knowledge.’

A group of students of Osmania University reached to meet one of our journalists and shared the inappropriate syllabus they have in the subjects like ‘Essence of Indian Traditional Knowledge, which is completely a zero credit subject. They have to clear it otherwise they will get a backlog in it.

Essence Of Indian Traditional Knowledge

A couple of supernatural realities that these defenseless understudies are being compelled to examine are points like ‘profiting with the Cow wastages’, which asserts that the “clinical organization has as of late woken up on the expected helpful worth of cow items and Pancha gayyas (urine, compost, milk, curd, and ghee) fix skin illnesses, urinary issues, knee torments, ulcers, malignant growths, tuberculosis, and so on,” 

The schedule bizarrely proceeded to guarantee that America and Africa utilized the ‘pancha gayya’ for treating helps and as the bio-enhancers. Which is completely baseless and nonsense.

Osmania University Students Forced To Study Yoga and Vedas As Well:

One of the students from the Osmania University, who did not want to become in the spotlight, said that they are being forced by the lecturers to memorize all the Surya Namaskaras, standing, on the stomach, and on the back as well.

He told our journalist that, The shameless propagandization of religious texts and beliefs under the subject which is titled as ‘Essence of Indian Tradition and Knowledge’ is unacceptable considering the multiple history and culture of India.

Another student of the University said that this kind of inculcation is a reasonable infringement of the pluralistic and various nature of Osmania University. Besides, he added that they are being pressured to contemplate the misrepresented advantages of Yoga and how it is better than different types of activity, which is easily proven wrong.

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The teacher of the subject A.S.Chary, said that Yoga and customary instruction have been acquainted with designing students with assistance to become more concentrated around examinations. He also said that this will likewise help the students lead intellectually and for better.

Chary also said that he does not know about the subjects which include the topics on cow science and said that someone else is teaching it.

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