Pride: “Physician From Karimnagar Provides Cure Tips Across India”

HYDERABAD: A doctor hailing from Karimnagar Telangana has been offering online consultation to thousands of Coronavirus patients across the country without any charges.

He has also educated 100 doctors for Telangana Covid19 task force.

Dr Luqman, a family doctor, discloses to his patients in detail about the do’s and don’ts one should do when getting infected by the Covid-19 and when to look for hospitalization. His videos have gotten very famous via social media.

Dr Luqman Ahmed Khan has also been working on creating awareness and making videos on Covid-19 and was posting them on social media. He has also achieved epidemiological studies too.

An experienced in diagnosis of rare diseases and final stage disease management, Dr Luqman Ahmed Khan has given completely free medical counselling through online consultation to at least 4000 patients so far.


As a doctor, my expertise has been not only straightforwardly clinical but also dishearteningly social as well, especially after personal backward looking, while analyzing many types of cases, causes of the death and their social impact, Dr Luqman Ahmed Khan told TOI.

In my viewpoint from the point of epidemiology these asymptomatic infection carriers are mainly spreaders of coronavirus and with varied new variants of the pathogen too. 

Recognizing them before they come in contact with others, at the early stage will help save lives, he said.

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He also said that the diseases don’t have watches, even though normal course of disease timings and the reports are mentioned or written in the textbooks.

Depending on them is maturity, but not focusing on the other factors are not judicious too.

Most people should come forward and take the jabs to be prepared for the Covid-19 infection. As soon as the citizen will get vaccinated the risk of third wave will be low.

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