“A New Watch Cobalt Limited Edition Arrives in India” – Oneplus

Bengaluru: A leading Global tech company, OnePlus on Wednesday declared that the OnePlus Watch Cobalt which is a Limited Edition will now be obtainable for pre orders at Rs 19,999 in Indian market.

The OnePlus new Cobalt Limited Edition has a different watch face with uniquely treated deep blue or deep green glass and a Mohs rating of nearly 9 for enhanced brightness and exceptional scratch proof, the company official said in the statement they made.

The watch will be in market exclusively on the official website of OnePlus.in, OnePlus Store Application and Experience Stores, starting July 16th. It will be the best ever compared to other watches.

The Mohs hardness measurement measures a mineral’s stability to scratching, it is completely a scratch proof class.

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition | Story of Craftsmanship

Additionally, this limited edition Cobalt gives the experience as the OnePlus Cobalt Limited Edition, introducing users 14 days longer battery life along with fast charging within minutes, 110 workout categories and the 5ATM+IP68 waterproof in deep water as well.

About the Case and How to Buy Oneplus Watch:

The Cobalt watch case is fully crafted from cobalt alloy, a special hypoallergenic product material that is double as hard and more corrosion proof which will be stronger and stable for a longer period than traditional stainless steel.

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The OnePlus new Watch Cobalt, which is a Limited Edition for a shorter period of time, is the perfect extension of this philosophy in the wearable section by collaborating on a premium design with materials which are generally found only on luxury watches, the company official said.

The End-users can also avail a further instant discount offer of Rs 1,000 on the OnePlus new Cobalt using HDFC Bank’s Card and EMI purchasing till September 15th, the company said in the statement.

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