State Arranged Covid Slaughter: Kunal Kamra’s NYT belief is devastating govt reproval

New Delhi: I am a stand up comedian from India. And this is where even I come to an end of laughing, said Kunal Kamra on twitter. 

Standup comedian hailing from Mumbai and a strong detractor of the Modi government.

Kunal Kamra’s judgement is contemptuous: He inculpate the nation’s leadership.

Especially a cocksure Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, of keeping political narcissism before the common sense. 

He also aperturing the door to a disastrous revival of Covid-19 infections, New York Times said, under a video in a caption.

In a school of thought video to the New York Times, Kunal Kamra on his twitter said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ‘flagrantly lying’ when he said that India knocks out the CORONAVIRUS in January 2021.

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He gone in to the features of the government’s carelessness of the coronavirus. Second wave in a blood curdling video essay to the announcement.

Moving forward in the video, Kunal Kamra pointed that during the Coronavirus mountaintop in May had 400,000 cases and 4,000 deaths in one day and that specialists believes all these figures are a ‘avoidance of overemphasis’. 

My people are unnecessarily dying. Our government is having blood on its hands, he added.

Kunal Kamra also subulated out that the conduct of Kumbh Mela, religious gatherings on the banks of River Gang. 

Despite the rising in new cases he said that the government not only called off the Mela, but they also encouraged it.

Most of these Hindus gone to wash away their previous sins but they should have been at home and prayed for a good future, he said.

Non of the world leaders can compete with Modi. He runs India on a cocktail of peculiar lies and high power hypocrisy. 

India caused a Covid Crisis massacre: Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra NYT video | Comedian calls India’s covid crisis a state massacre

And a boy who can act, Kunal kamra said in his video. 

He was also mentions to the nation’s address where the Prime Minister Narendra modi got emotive, soothing the deaths caused by Coronavirus.

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The standup comedian gone on to demonstrate India’s nightmare including swarming crematoriums.

Dead bodies flowing away in banks of Ganga and the faults in the vaccination drives. 

Apart from this, he also slapped hard on the election rallies which were held in the month of April, where Modi had taken pride in huge hordes.

He also Questioned that, what is our government doing about this disaster.? 

Modi’s Ministry of Science and Technology kept in an order for research into how yoga and breathing exercises can help fight CORONA, Kunal said. 

Pointing on to the poor scientific disposition amid the surging pandemic.

Kunal Kamra ended by saying that he was fighting to ‘satirise this ridiculousness’.

It’s a state arranged CORONA massacre, and I am scandalized and heartbroken. 

And that is all I have got to say, Kunal said before ending “And you know what.? You have elected a joker  expecting a f***ing circus.

We live in an absolute lie, Kunal said, adding but our government is a head of one domain, striking its critics.

He also focused on the case where FIRs have been lodged for putting up posters that dominate the Modi government’s vaccine policy and the government is asking Twitter to block few of these tweets which were critical as regards to its COVID policies.

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