Kids hit hard by the Covid-19 Infection, over 37,000 infected in TS

Hyderabad: The Telangana health authorities on Wednesday conveyed that around 37,332 Kids between the age group of 0-19 were infected with the novel coronavirus between the months March and May this year, even though they brainstormed ways to stop the virus from spreading further among the youngsters lot.

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Armed with statistics of the first wave’s hit of around 19,824 children were affected with the virus between the months August 15 and November 15, 2020, officials of the state told they are getting ready with more beds, equipment, and awareness drives among the people.

Kids, Children and COVID-19: Should we be worried? Watch Full Video

Children and COVID-19: Should we be worried?

Chief secretary Somesh Kumar had conducted a series of meetings with the doctors and experts of the situation on the possible third wave and risk of increasing cases among children. Plans are being laid to make at least 5k beds available for children.

More MIS-C cases among the children below the age group of 10 are being seen now, with mostly 9,858 cases reported during the second wave of Covid-19 as against 6,250 cases in the first wave.

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When contacted, the director of medical Education (DME) K Ramesh Reddy told that they are confident of tackling the situation when it comes to the risk factors of people below 10 years of age.

“During the first wave we have seen around 1,000 children with MIS-C are admitted in the Gandhi Hospital but as of now there are only about 500 such cases, none of them being serious,” he said.

But he also added that the MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome)  among the kids is a concerning matter, as there will always be a fear of more cases surfacing in future soon.

“We are also preparing ourselves to face more cases and tackle them in Niloufer and Gandhi Hospitals; there will be nodal centres with500 beds in Niloufer hospital alone,” Reddy said.

Dr Subodh Kanthmuthan the director at the Centre for Healthcare Management said the more number of cases during this second wave in children is due to the result of adults roaming out the streets without taking enough precautions like without wearing mask and not sanitizing themselves properly.

Its Our Duty and responsibility to take care of our kids

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