KCR’s initiative reduces the risk for the higher age groups

KCR’s Government has focused on conducting door-to-door fever surveys in Hyderabad city to identify people who are with Covid-19 symptoms and to provide them earlier treatment in home isolation by providing Covid-19 kits including necessary medicines.  

Hyderabad: Nevertheless Inadequate supply of the vaccines from the Centre Govt, the novel initiatives of the Telangana State government are proving to go under and reduce the risk factors along with the State population.

Siasat ki khabrein 8th June 2021

In addition to identifying and vaccinating people who belong to higher-risk groups, the CM KCR’s government has focused on conducting door-to-door fever check-up surveys to monitor persons with Covid-19 symptoms and provide them an earlier treatment in home isolation by providing Covid-19 kits containing necessary medicines.

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Telangana State had tackled smoothly the first wave of Coronavirus pandemic in the most effective manner comparing to the other States of the country, especially the neighboring States. In the second wave, the government introduced several preventive measures and also by providing treatments to the Covid-19 infected patients. In a strategic manner, the government of Telangana state launched the door-to-door fever checkup survey and succeeded in recognizing a large number of citizens with Covid-19 symptoms. All those persons were given the Covid-19 medicines kit and their health was regularly being monitored and reducing the risk factor.

Apart from this the Chief Minister KCR’s has come up with a novel implementation of fully vaccinating the persons under 24 higher-risk groups in the state, including suppliers of the essential commodities like foods, meds and services such as ration dealers, RTC staff, street vendors, auto-rickshaw and cab drivers, delivery boys, and also journalists.

The health officials have identified those groups and are vaccinating them faster across the State. As opposed to 10.04 lakh persons identified under higher-risk groups, Covid-19 vaccines were administered to almost 4.14 lakh citizens as of June 5th. Without waiting for the Central government’s supplies, the Telangana State is also monitoring on administering the vaccine doses to people who are suffering with chronic ailments such as cancer, dialysis and other such diseases.

Amongst the higher risk groups, the health officials have administered vaccines to about 64 percent of 33,700 ration dealers, 77 percent of LPG and petrol pump staff numbering about 45,234, mostly 87 percent of nearly 38,201 fertiliser and seed shop dealers. Likely, other higher risk groups include 68 percent of 18,188 journalists, and nearly 1.14 lakh vegetable and non-vegetable vendors along with the fruit and flower vendors across the State.

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