Gangula: Manair Dam Riverfront works to Begin from August

Karimnagar Telangana: BC Welfare and Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar on Wednesday said that the Manair dam Riverfront works will be started in the month of August. 

Once the Thorough Project Report (TPR) will be completed in July. The Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has issued Rs 410 crores for the Manair dam riverfront evolution project, he said.

Karimnagar smart city has been growing as a clean and green city to meet the desire of CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao. 

The KNR city will be a beautiful location soon once all the ongoing evolutionary works are done. 

Minister Gangula Kamalakar Inpsects Manair River Front Construction Work

The countryside of the city has changed completely with the accomplishment  of the 14.5 km road. 

The medians, the central lighting system and footpaths and roads that have been made to pull through for the next 20 years, the Minister said.

Talking after laying the substructure stone for the traffic islands at Telangana Chowk here Gangula Kamalakar said.

Previously that both the Central and State governments used to issue funds once in a term. The condition, however, modified after the State formation, he said.

The Chief Minister KCR, who has a soft side for the Karimnagar city which played an important role in the independent movement. 

He has issued thousands of crores Rupees to take up the evolutionary works without dismissing any proposal from the Karimnagar cIty, he said.

Previously, pigs and cows used to stay in the traffics and make disturbance for the citizens.

However, the Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar MCK has paid attention to the expansion of the junctions. 

How The Karimnagar Telangana Is Growing:

A peaceful atmosphere has been grown in the islands by arranging water fountains as well as greenery in the centre of the roads. 

Excluding the Telangana Thalli junction, the growth of all other junctions such as Naka chowk, Telangana chowk, and IB junction was completed with Rs 50 lakhs of smart city funds.

Mentioning that the karimnagar Telangana Thalli junction was a sensitive issue, he was informed to take a right decision by contacting all groups of the society.

Gangula Kamalakar was informed to put up a statue of the former Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao as part of the hundredth anniversary celebrations of the late PM. 

Who initiated economic reforms in the country. The foundation for the initiative of the statue will be made at Telangana chowk on July 2.

The Karimnagar city Mayor Y. Sunil Rao, Municipal Commissioner Valluru Kranthi, and deputy mayor Challa Swaroopa Rani and the others also participated in the event.

As swore previously, the supply of daily water is being continued and the steps are being taken to supply the water 24×7.

The Karimnagar Smart City work is under way with full enthusiasm and is giving a touch of beauty to the Karimnagar City. 

But the government should also focus on all the areas of the city. 

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Mostly what happens in the states the new city will be completely developed and modified. But some areas from the old city will stay without any development projects stepping in that areas.

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