Hyderabad woman lose Rs 18 lakh after fake customs & CBI sleuths threaten her of narcotics case | Hyderabad News – Times of India


HYDERABAD: The next time you get a call from unknown number, especially if the caller is claiming to be from CBI or the police, do not entertain it. These might be cyber frauds on the prowl. These fraudsters threaten people and extort money under the pretext of investigation. Similar incidents are on the rise and Cyberabad cyber crime sleuths have registered a case recently.
A woman from Cyberabad received a call from a woman, who claimed to be an official from customs and narcotics department. She informed the victim that there was a parcel booked using her Aadhaar ID from Mumbai to Taiwan and the parcel returned to Mumbai. The caller claimed that the parcel containing narcotics was in possession of the customs department.
Before the woman could react, she got another call from a person identifying himself as Mumbai police official, who started questioning her. Believing it to be true, she responded to his questions. The woman tried to reason with him, but the caller asked her for her Aadhaar and bank details as part of the investigation and she promptly obliged.
Meanwhile, the man posing as cop scared her by informing that the police records reveal her links with a money laundering case. She also received a letter with CBI letterhead stating she was wanted in a money laundering case, which will be verified by the ‘CBI officer’ who called her up initially.
Minutes later, she got another call from another person. Posing as ACP rank officer in CBI, the caller on the pretext of checking her bank account details, forced her to transfer money online to his account.
“The terrified woman transferred 18 lakh in multiple transactions from her different bank accounts,” a source in Cyberabad police told TOI.
After sending the money, she was told that officials will call her up and return the money. The cheating came to light when she tried to call them back, but they were not reachable.


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