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HYDERABAD: Though Telangana does not fare well in social progress Index (SPI), Hyderabad with a score of 80 is among the top four regions in India when it comes to giving equal access to women on a par with men in advanced education.
Access to advanced education is one of the key components in getting a higher score. The top four regions in this aspect are Rohtak and Mumbai (both 81 points each) while Hyderabad and Bengaluru urban stood closely behind them with 80 points each.


Across the country, the average score on giving access to advanced education to women was only 38. Experts said this explains how well the four regions have done on gender equality. All the four regions have gender parity index values closer to 100.
On the flip side, three districts – Wanaparthy, Vikarabad and Mahabubabad – are among the most poorly ranked districts in the country with a score below 15. Warangal, on the other hand, is among the list of districts with a high gross enrolment ratio (GER). Delhi stands at the top with a score of 415 in GER. While the average district GER score in the country is 20, Warangal, Mumbai, East Sikkim, South Delhi and Coimbatore have a score of above 100 each.
As per the SDG Index 2020, the government was targeting to achieve a GER of 50 in higher education. Currently, only 47 districts have surpassed this target and Warangal finds itself in the list.
The SPI report also revealed a relationship between the SPI and GSDP per capita. States with higher income tend to have higher social progress. For example, Goa and Sikkim rank high on social progress, while Bihar ranks the lowest.
However, states like Telangana have high GSDP per capita but are relatively low on progress, an expert said.


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