Hyderabad on alert as the water levels high in twin reservoirs

Hyderabad Alert: Hyderabad Residential and apartments in the areas of Bandlaguda, Asifnagar, Shaikpet and surrounding areas, located along Musi river, are likely to face floods like previous rainy season this rainy season also if the authorities open the gates and release excess inflows from Himayat Sagar reservoir to the downstream in the event of unceasing rains.

As per the sources said that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) is personally monitoring and reviewing the water levels in the twin reservoirs of Himayat Sagar and Osmansagar.

“Based on the rising water levels in the twin reservoirs, the HMWS&SB will step into action to take precautionary measures earlier to tackle the flood situation in coordination with revenue, police and irrigation departments and GHMC,” sources said.

Almost nine months ago, several houses and residential areas were overwhelmed and residents have spent sleepless nights and were rendered homeless in flash floods after the flood gates of the Himayat Sagar were opened to release the excess amount of water from the reservoir. 

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The flooding problem is partly pointing up by the HMWS8&SB drawing only an inadequate quantity of water from both the reservoirs and depending more upon the Krishna and Godavari water supplies to meet the city’s water consumer’s demand. The full tank level (FTL) of Himayat Sagar is 1,763 ft and the water level (as on Thursday) stood at 1,759 ft which is very worrying as it’s very near to the end.

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Similarly, the water level in Osmansagar is at 1,782 ft (FTL 1,790 ft). “Presently, the board is drawing 5 MGD from Osmansagar and another 6 MGD of the water from Himayat Sagar as the entire city is getting Godavari and Krishna water,” an official explained about it.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water supply and sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) used to draw 25 Millions of Gallons per Day (MGD) from Osmansagar and 15 Millions of Gallons per Day (MGD) from Himayat Sagar to meet the city’s drinking water consumer’s demand.

“We will surely use the water of these twin reservoirs only if Krishna, Godavari, Manjira and Singur reservoirs dry up to cater to Greater Hyderabad and its outlying areas,” a senior official told.

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