Hyderabad Fuel Price up again; petrol approaching Rs.100 per liter mark

Hyderabad Today News: And the price of premium petrol in Hyderabad has already crossed the amount of Rs. 100 per litre.

Hyderabad: The price of petrol in the Hyderabad city is just a few paise away from the 100Rs mark, with the latest fuel price hike assorting it at Rs.98.95 per liter in Hyderabad as on Tuesday. The present price of diesel in the capital city of Telangana is Rs.93.90 per liter.

Fuel costs go up once again; petrol approaching Rs.100 per liter mark in Hyderabad
Fuel costs go up once again; petrol approaching Rs.100 per liter mark in Hyderabad

Digressively, the price of premium petrol, the fuel with the additives which is sold by different names through various petroleum companies, has already crossed 100 Rs. in the Hyderabad city and was Rs.102.52 per litre on Tuesday, while that of the premium diesel was around Rs.97.33 per litre.

Petrol and Diesel price in Hyderabad today

As per the G Vinay Kumar, was the former general secretary of Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association says, there was actually no reason why the fuel prices should be going up now. But since the dynamic pricing system has begun and the government gave up control, resulting in oil companies deciding matters, he said.

Petrol Price in Hyderabad | Public About Petrol and Diesel Price Hike

“The amount of regular petrol could cross Rs.100 a liter this week itself,” he added.

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From May 1st, the fuel prices have been hiking and have been sharp, but with that the petrol and diesel prices are going up from Rs.93.83 by Rs.5.12 and that of diesel, from Rs.87.89 by Rs.6.01.

It’s been a couple of months since the prices of petrol and diesel were hiking daily, and did not see any decline in the rising petrol and diesel prices in the country and other states as well, many middle class and the poor are suffering because of fuel prices getting hiked.

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