New delhi : As Controversy over wearing the hijab in Educational instiution raged in karnataka Congress MP from Kerala TN Prathapan said in lok sabha saying the hijab of womens is like Mangalsutra for Hindus , the Crucifix of Cristans and Turbans for Sikhs. He demanded the Union Education Minister’s. The Hijab[Scarf] row in Karnataka intese some students sought to defy the Government order mandating uniformstyle of clothes. The matter will now be heared in Karnataka High Court.


” Girls are sitting out side classroom and demanding their Fundamental Rights. The Hijab is a part of their Culture and Relgious identity of these girls . It is like the magalsutra of Hindus Prathapan said during Zero hour. He also said there is tendency of some peoples in this country that if they see a Sikh with a turban protesting against the Government they call him as a Khalistani”. He also said that if they see a person wearing a Cross he be “attacked”. If they see a Muslim girls wearing a hijab they stop to get Education.

Where are we moving INDIA .We cannot lose our Diversity and Democracy. He requested to interfare in this issue to ensure the constitutional rigts of those girls. That is a real “SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS” he said . Earlier in the day, state Education Minister BC Nagesh said students who insits on hijiab-wearing will not be allowed in to Educational Instiutions .

Then he asked some students protesting on the street outside the collage to sit in a separate room but they were not imparted lessons. Where is the unity of India is going, where the rights of common people, where is the equalitiy , why they are struggling to get there education on the basis of religion. They have their own right to Education without Discrimination in the India with Freedom.

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