Heliophobic mother, daughter who did not come out of house for 2 years during daytime shifted to hospital in Andhra Pradesh | Vijayawada News – Times of India


KAKINADA(ANDHRA PRADESH): A mother and her daughter who did not step out of their house, except for nature calls in the night, for the past two years, due to fear of coronavirus and other anxiety disorders in Koyyuru Village were on Tuesday shifted to a hospital here forcibly. According to the relatives of the family, the family head used to feed them everyday and he was not allowed for the past one week forcing him to approach authorities.
Health officials with the help of police shifted them to a government hospital, the relatives said.
“What is your problem when want to confine to my house?” the daughter is seen asking the officials when they were trying to convince the due to come out and cooperate with them.
The family head Suribabu told TV reporters that his wife and daughter are afraid of black magic and hence they stopped coming out of the house during the daytime.
“Despite my repeated assurances, they did not come out of the house during the daytime for the past two years. But they go out for nature calls at nights,” he said.
As the health of his wife started getting affected, Suribabu informed the health officials who in turn shifted them to a government hospital in Kakinada.


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