Gana Santhoshinee Reddy 13-year-old girl from Hyderabad sets a world record by breaking 84 ceramic tiles within 84 seconds.

Telangana (Hyderabad): Hyderabad FEEL INFLATED WITH PRIDE as Gana Santhoshinee Reddy a 13 year old girl from Hyderabad set a new world record by breaking 84 tiles in 84 seconds. On auspicious occasion of Telangana State formation day that is celebrated on every 2nd of June, Gana Santhosinee Reddy, a Black Belt Holder of Karate told she decided to break all the 84 ceramic tiles since 84 months, since Telangana was formed in 2014.

“As it’s been 84 months since Telangana has been formed, I took a decision to set a world record by breaking the ceramic tiles with my hand in just 84 seconds,” she told ANI.

Gana Santhoshinee Reddy 13-yr-old Creates World Record

Gana Santhoshinee Reddy referenced that she had drilled for around 5 to a half year on regular schedule and have broken a few times during the training to accomplish this speed and consequently set a new record. Gana Santhoshinee Reddy holds a few records counting a world record for the most elevated number of head pivots from one side (to one side to right and option to left) which she completed in 39 minutes in 2012.

13-yr-old Gana Santhoshinee Reddy Creates World Record

“I have completed 3,315 pivots in 39 minutes and it was my first record. In the year 2013, I have gotten the Bala Surya grant for her performance with collaborating the dance, yoga and Karate in a single performance.” Reddy said. In the year 2019, at the 5th Telangana Formation ceremony, both Santhoshinee and her sister were awarded for their performances.

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Santhoshinee further said that the Karate is very important and plays a vital role in the women’s empowerment, her father who himself is a karate master and runs an academy in Hyderabad, Telangana is her teacher.

Gana aims to make her name and career in sports and win international championships. She also wants to become an IAS officer and serve people of India and the Government.

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