“Woman cheated of Rs 7 lakh in Hyderabad” – unemployment

Hyderabad: Fraudster cheated a woman of Rs 7 lakh after assuring to give a job with a prominent telecom services provider.

Just in a couple of days, he reached her and said she was selected for the job role.

He then, at that point, asked to give Rs 7 lakh from her towards the security deposit, processing charge, and so on Cybercrime police authorities said. 

Fraud for Employment

The woman who got cheated had uploaded a profile on a job providing website or an app and got a call from an individual who professed to be an executive of the organization.

He offered her an employment opportunity and led an online interview. 

After receiving a complaint from the victim in questioning, a case was lodged and investigation is going on.

Be aware of job frauds in India and mostly in the metro cities of the country, mainly the frauds takes place where there is an unemployment.

People who are in need of money and looking for job eagerly get into such traps and handover big amount to the fraudsters thinking of getting a new employment.

More power to citizens, new complaint system in Hyderabad, aware of fraudster

Modifying the ‘Customer is a King’ somewhat, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is saying that ‘Complainant is a King’ from now on.

More Power to Citizens on Easy Way for Complaints

The GHMC had recently shifted its direction of activity relating to complaint redressal, with the new IGS module not permitting GHMC officials or staff members to close an objection raised by a resident.

Just the complainant can close the ticket, in contrast to the previous framework where civic body staff members or authorities used to close the ticket subsequent to settling the issue.

The user-friendly and strengthened Integrated Grievance System of the civic body makes the complainant decide the matters and is also yielding results on multiple fronts, according to the GHMC officials.

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As the Authority of shutting the ticket lies with the complainant, GHMC authorities and staff members need to ensure the complaint is taken care of, and furthermore need to call the complainant requesting that the person and ask to close the objection subsequent to settling it.

They are additionally utilizing the call to take criticism from the individual who circulated the issue.

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