Facebook commemorate Music Week

Hyderabad: In the week of World Music Day, Facebook in alliance with United Singers Charitable Trust (USCT) which brings you renowned musicians from southern parts of India to use their collectives to entertain and inspire the people online.

The creators will perform at a concert called ‘One Voice’ which is a part of the ‘Live In Your Living Room’ series of shows on Facebook platform and help raise perception and funds in relation of struggling musicians and singers from the industry during their difficult times.

The show will be taking place from June 22nd to 26th from 5 pm to 7pm, on United Singers Charitable Trust’s USCT’s Facebook page and the respective singer’s Facebook pages.

The show will be featuring creators from across various parts of the Indian peninsula. In a series of livestreams that the content creators will perform on their Facebook accounts. 

Who Are The Facebook Participants

The artists also lineup of the show’s inclusive of well known names like GV Prakash, Karthik, Raghu Dixit, Sean Roldan, Rajhesh Vaidhya, Haricharan, Srinivas, Shweta Mohan Vijay Prakash, Unnikrishnan, Uthara, alongside of many more, a press release said. It will be a virtual concert

As the nation’s adjusted to the new reality of life beneath of self-quarantine in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of content creators and musical schools are taking the concert online to share some instrumental joy during these hard and tough times.

With locations and bars are off in lock down across the country, there are many more things you can watch and enjoy from the safety of your house. 

Humbly thanks to everybody from Miley Cyrus to the New York Metropolitan Opera and the fine group at Disney.

Adam Lambert alternatively of his Feel Something Foundation, is organising Pride Live’s 4th yearly Stonewall Day, this year in a virtual event on Facebook.

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Adam Lambert is organising a 20-minute livestream show to discuss ups and down coming LGBTQ creators, a Stonewall Day, the Stonewall legacy and more with VIP guests.

Also this is the second run up event to Pride Live’s fourth annual Stonewall Day in the June month.

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