Dubai Jobs: 3,500 Jobs Soon Know How To Step In

Dubai Jobs: Almost 3,500 dubai jobs will be created as a result of the reopening of Terminal 1 at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) this week, said Paul Griffiths, CEO of the Dubai Airports.

“There are going to be more jobs for Dubai very soon. The Passenger service remains very much a personal close thing at the DXB is going to hire people for more convenience, bringing back the handling agents. Airlines are very clear that they are going to do that,” Griffiths said

“Moving around 66 airlines across to Terminal 1 means a very much huge amount of activity. It means we will be in need of more people to manage all check-in desks and help people through the process easily.”

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All these jobs 2021 will be created soon by DXB, airlines, and the airport’s other partners as well who will be resuming operations soon.

“And our commercial partners can see clearly that there is a surge in recovery. Some jobs are still waiting to be reactivated and some of them are going to be hired very soon,” he added.

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Terminal 1 will be reopening the following of the 15-months of shutdown in the wake of last year’s Covid-19 pandemic in the world.

Paul Griffiths also expects a flood of demand will be seen as the air travel sector recovered and countries are reopening their borders.

The Dubai International Airport is also expected to grow 8 percent to 28 million this year only on the back of the reopening of Terminal 1 from the 24th of June. This move will add around 18 million to its passenger capacity.

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“The Governments around the world are starting to manage the Covid-19 situation rather than to avoid it with the school holidays, Eid Al Adha, Expo 2020 which is coming up in the UAE, hence we see a huge rebound for inbound and outbound travelers over the next few months,” said Paul Griffiths.

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