CM KCR: Dalits are turning to Christianity as they are dismissed respect

Hyderabad: Telangana state Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said that the Dalits (dalit) are turning to Christianity as they are not respected in the society.

If Dalits are turning to Christianity then it is the mistake of us that we are not able to protect them.

As they turn to Christianity, they are getting the respect that was not given to them as a Dalit, KCR said.

Speaking in a public meeting at Telangana’s Kamareddy district on Sunday, the Telangana CM KCR said that the destitution still wins in India and the condition of Dalits still needs to be enhanced in this country. 

He additionally said that he himself is a Hindu and senses bad adoration when he watches that the Dalits are still tolerating pain due to poverty.

Everybody in this country must and should leap forward to help these poor people and Dalits to come out of insufficiency. He added.

KCR says Dalits are converting to Christianity due to poverty and lack of respect

Who are Dalit:

The word Dalit means ‘maltreated’, oppressed or crushed to that range of losing actual identity.

However, this word has been taken by the people or else as was called Harijans or Untouchables.

It has come to denote for them a movement for a change and for the removal of the centuries old domination in the caste system.

In formal and constitutional words, Dalits are known in India as scheduled castes. 

There are presently few around 166.6 million Dalits in India as of now.

The Constitution needs the government to define a list or a schedule of the down castes in need of indemnify programmes. 

These scheduled castes also includes converted Sikhism but excluded the converts to Christianity and Islam as well. 

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The categories that are excluded and continued to be treated as unassailable probably constitute another two percentage of the population.

Dalits in India are lynched and they do not get the respect even as a human, most of the upper cast people oppress the Dalits.

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